Driver Display Compass: unconventional display of East and West

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by rlentz4367, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. rlentz4367

    rlentz4367 New Member

    Have others noticed that the compass in the Driver Display shows W to the right and E to the left in the circle display? N and S are at the top and bottom, nothing unusual there; but all the maps I've ever read show W on the left side, E on the right side. (The direction of travel, in the center, always reads correctly; it is just the notations for rotation of the arrow at the edge of the compass that seem, well, weird.)

    If there is an update or a way to change preferences, I would welcome knowing about it.

    Otherwise, I love the Clarity!

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  3. ExpensiveToys

    ExpensiveToys New Member

    Looks like they are using a quadrant notation compass instead of a azimuthal compass. Quandrant setup is usually used on professional Brunton and higher end compasses. I am not sure if there is a way to change it, as its more than just swapping the letters they would also have to change how the model behaves which might not be in the programming.
  4. petteyg359

    petteyg359 Well-Known Member

    OP says west is at 90°. That should never be the case, regardless of how you're measuring.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2018
  5. rlentz4367

    rlentz4367 New Member

    Agreed. I have a friend who is an astronomer who explained the Quadrant Notation possibility.
  6. ExpensiveToys

    ExpensiveToys New Member

    West at 90 and East at 270 (which really isn't 270 in a quadrant compas) is normal on a compass rose and common in higher end quadrant compass. On those compasses the east and west are reversed on the compass rose from what you expect due to how they are read. It's common in survey equipment, nautical compasses and other scientific compasses.

    A direct reading compass (most often Quadrant compasses) have the East to left of North and West to right of North on the to make them easier to read. See the above links for complete explanations.
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