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  1. The thread that nobody wants to post in.:(
    Without your beloved BEV due to the unfortunate occurrence of repairs requiring ordered parts? ( No I don't want an ICE loaner, but if I have I will make due).
    Perhaps it's the appropriate time to keep track of the wait times for different repairs and the associated components to be replaced.
    Does availability of the materials (hence the wait time) required vary world wide at the same rate, or are some areas prone to longer duration's?
    Feel free to ignore this thread, I know its not what many of us anticipate.
    But it might help keep a track record if nothing else.
    If chiming in please provide location, component required, duration of repair, and any loaner provided:)
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    Well, this is where California lemon laws come into play, out here, if the vehicle is out of your hands more than a total of 30 days for warranty repairs, the dealer has to buy it back at full purchase price and make you while with any trade in, etc. And that is a total of 30 days for all warranty claims combined. This tends to mean California dealerships will do everything they can to get parts as fast as they can for any issue.
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  3. We are not so lucky in Canada, unfortunately. So I guess priority for replacement parts would be zoned in specifically in that area and similar locations.
    Given the times I can see a delay in delivery of replacement parts, I wonder if that may have an affect on those laws.
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    Nope, the state accepts no excuses. Now you can choose if you accept an excuse as reasonable, but 30 days without your car due to under warranty repairs is considered a no go 8n California.

    Now my guess is these laws may affect parts availability elsewhere as they give priority delivery to such states.
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