Does the 2020 E-Niro and EV Kona have the clunking sound?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ForceEdge, Dec 9, 2019.

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  1. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge Member

    Or did they not get fixed for the 2020 models? I’ve just been seeing a lot of people complain about clunking and vibrating sounds on their new vehicle while driving.

    anyone have any info if it was fixed with the 2020s?

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  3. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    Way too early to tell. No one will know for atleast 3 months or so. It's likely that the revised motor fixed the issue but without time, no way to know.
  4. From what I was reading some Niro owners with 2020 models and build dates in September still had the original 710 motor version. So it would seem that its quite possible early 2020 owners may experience the same concern at least until the 711 revision motor was serially introduced probably in October or November. This again assumes the 711 revision even corrects this problem.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  5. Murry

    Murry Member

    Interesting! Where dis you folks read about the motor being upgraded? Any links by any chance?
  6. I flit around the various EV forums, so I honestly can't remember precisely where at the moment but there is definitely a revised Niro motor with the part number that ends in 711, similarly for Kona the revised motor ends in 701.
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  8. How do you see which motor part # you have? If it's out of view, I may have to strap a mini camera to a bee....
  9. I
    If you turn the steering all the way to the left and go to the right front fender well you can see the sticker on the motor with the # and date. There a picture some where here on the site but not sure which thread it was on.
  10. mf989

    mf989 Member

    There is no way anyone in USA has a 2020 Niro to say they have a particular motor (*711 vs *710). Highly suspicious info.
  11. You may be right, it may have been a late model 2019. My specific reference was to an American poster on the Kia Niro Speak EV forum :

    post #282 25 days ago
    "After confirming the two different motor P/Ns and that I had the older 710 I decided to go ahead and try my luck with the dealer to get their opinion. Technician immediately heard the sound and acknowledged that it was louder and more pronounced than the other EV vehicles he had driven. We also got a key to a brand new (mfg 09/2019, ~20ish miles on the ODO) and took it for a drive -- the sound was much much quieter, yet still there. I confirmed that the test drive vehicle also had a 710 motor, even though it was 1 month later production lot. Dealer agreed to look into it with Kia America given the sound is much louder than the new vehicle, which is all I can expect at this point."
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  13. mf989

    mf989 Member

    Yeah. that was my 2019 model. :) So dealer just called me and they got the *711 replacement in. I expect the work will be done in a few days.
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  14. FrankiEV

    FrankiEV New Member

    I have a 2020 Kona with 800km on it. Just started noticing a faint clunking sound when turning at slow speed. Also feel it a bit in the floor where my left foot rests. Like a mechanical clicking. I thought it was ice buildup under the wheel well but it was clear. Might drop by the dealership to see what they think.
  15. FrankiEV

    FrankiEV New Member

    After taking it to a car wash I sprayed the wheel well with hot water for awhile and the scraping sound is gone for now. Maybe it was ice buildup behind the wheel well. I don't have a heated garage so I can see ice buildup being an issue.

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