Does Petrol Fuel/Energy Industry have a Right to Exist?

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Nov 11, 2017.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    It seems this is an issue that the global public has decided and it has decided that the petrol fuel/energy does not have a right to exist. It as decided through governments with increasing accelerating bans and also through markets. For the following for reasons:

    Petrol fuel/energy is the primary source/driver of:

    Terror, war, economic instability and destabilizing climate change instability and the greatest threat to human security and surival.

    It is an obsolete industry with a direct obvious replacement (see below.) Petrol has such permanently low physical economic efficiency 13% or so (a matter of physical law that tech cannot correct on any remotely meaningful time scale) that it requires massive subsidies and ever greater bailouts (with attendant loss of press freedom to cover them) with resultant austerity that removes the social utility of states making states radically more oppressive.

    Its property model is idiotic, a corporate welfare baron comes along insisting that putting a pin hole in the earth should allow it to empty the public treasury instead of getting a small finders fee. It replaces safety nets by squeezing everything but ramps defense to protect theft and inequity.

    Its externalities limit access to water through disrupting snow pack cycle and then contaminating available water, reducing access too food as well and contaminating food also driving cardio vascular poisoning.
    It has a massive retributive debt building, including unnecessary wars, where thus concrete debt is also destabilizing. Investment in petrol fuel energy at this point is criminal.

    Debeers like scams on a resource that may not be all that limited abiogenic petroleum genesis or worse "power down" peak oil scam.

    Radically low economic efficiency from heat dumping and atmospheric blanketing and poisoning but also because petrol must at hugh hollowing out vertical expense be found, fought for, extracted, defended, shipped, stored, defended again, refined, shipped again, retailed in communuties, combusted by horribly inefficient engines (makes us all into tail pipe smokers, poisoning people for profit) and carried around in fuel tanks.

    Whereas green energy is now cheaper than the cheapest petrol almost everywhere even without the full cost stack computed and where green will be soon be cheaper that the cost of transmission going to almost free and is well below the parity floor of where petrol will ever be able to follow. Green energy provides 80% or greater economic efficiency. Electrons come to you, they are captured by solid state systems made of sand and other non limited materials. With flat predictable for decades out reliable hardened price curves. Where green energy not only provides access to radically more energy without remotly as much heat externality and at a massive catagorically significant strategic advantage its decentralized form factor hardens against desaster and compensates for petrol climate damage as in equatorial solar desalinzation.

    Petrol is used to protect rich from deflation- not all that desirable give contribution ratio.

    Petrol is a bad match for autonomy, pure electric is a great complement.

    So no, no right to exist given its the biggest risk for human extinction and over greed and control where its property model makes it slavery part 2 and where its already caused so much unavoidable harm that its investors have no right to any return and only endless liability, debt and culpability for avoidable foreseeable obvious harm for causes including wars of agression and genocidal actions and where they face a profitless future over obsolences and stranded assets due to stupid negligent investing and where they owe the public for past bailouts and subsidies and for sabotage and ransoming of public finance to protect them from their stupidity and malevolence.
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  3. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member

    The world is overpopulated. It's within natural boundaries for a species to extend themselves beyond the means of a system sustaining them. Not all species do it, but some do. Why does man? Because man is inherently greedy and self centered, not considering their neighboring organisms in the petri dish.

    Man is a parasite on the earth. Why would a parasite kill it's host? No good reason to but happens every day. The plague infects a host and kills it. Terrible plan, your line of plague ends and you just hope you have another host to pillage.

    Enter SpaceX ;)

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