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Discussion in 'Energy' started by Domenick, Nov 23, 2017.

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  1. This section is intended for discussions surrounding energy -- both renewable and otherwise.

    As some of the conversations may touch on policy and politics, please remember to follow the rules, especially as pertains to flaming or insulting other members.

    Additionally, please refrain from making unsubstantiated claims or slander against anyone. (For example, don't say so and so is a shape-shifting lizard person using the oil industry to subjugate humanity.)
    When discussing politics, please don't paint all members of any particular party with a broad brush.
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  3. Is this the topic for those who are assembling a custom electric vehicle? I think there should be one, stated explicitly
  4. This topic will inevitably confront the role governments play, in tax policy. If there's to be clear accounting *all* costs born by taxpayers in any energy sector should be tallied.

    This brings out tribal sentiments as change inevitably treads on what a vested or invested concerns consider their just earnings.
  5. This subforum is for energy generation discussions. We don't really have a sub-Forum for reader builds, but if you're doing an electric vehicle build, you could feel free to make one in General, so a good number of people can find it. We could start a subforum for member builds if we had a few of them.
  6. and how do you suggest the name of this subforum? perhaps...
    Custom Build Electric Vehicle
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  8. Custom Built Electric Vehicles or Custom Electric Vehicle Builds. Either of those would work.
  9. I haven't found the way to do this - could you create it, please?
    "Custom Built Electric Vehicles" look to me the best option
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