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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by zman, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. 2002

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    Anyone that I know of who has tried using anything web based on Clarity finds it pretty much useless due to slow processor speed and incompatibility with most websites. Using Google Maps on Android Auto or Apple Carplay on the other hand works great.
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  2. V8Power

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    I use Apple CarPlay daily and it works great. I’ve been using it for Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, iMessage, WhatsApp, Books, Spotify, Music, Phone, Siri. Safer too without needing to hack anything. I heard the new CarPlay update coming will be quite an improvement. I only wish that it could work wirelessly.
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  3. NocEdit

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    I’d imagine using wireless carplay would be a HUGE battery drain. Charging my phone while using carplay is a huge bonus. And wireless charging speed probably wouldn’t keep up with the drain from CarPlay.

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  4. sniwallof

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    I downloaded my telematics .json file to a usb drive. I think it was under Vehicle diagnostics. (See first post this thread)

    With a text reader, it's just a bunch of random alphabetic characters. Does anyone know how to read a Honda telematics json file?
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  5. Arctiic

    Arctiic New Member

    I agree, but I'd still resort to that before purchasing the "premium navigation" service. It'd be a different story if it offered exclusive features or functionalities not obtainable through other means, but just navigation? And yeah, I currently do use Maps via AA, but I've been curious how that works on the backend. Is it rendered through the phone's hardware? Or is it a resource-"lite" variant? If it's the latter, I'm hoping to be able to find/compile an .apk to install directly.

    Not sure about CarPlay, but I know AA has wireless functionality, have to enable Beta (see here). It's not a feature I care about myself, so I haven't gone through the trouble to use it. However, I think you should be able to just use a power inverter with a higher amperage charger (within spec)? If it still drains faster than it charges, then I don't know what to say.
  6. Arctiic

    Arctiic New Member

    I noticed this too, was curious but couldn't find any information on how to deobfuscate the output.
  7. MrFixit

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    I think you are neglecting another key point here... Even if you could install Google Maps, and even if it didn't bring the lame processor to it's knees, you still wouldn't be able to do this because you won't have any bandwidth to work with. No WiFi (unless you are parked in your garage), and the cellular telematics (if it works at all for this) will be extremely slow. They are not providing these vehicles with 4G service. Then you would be faced with somehow trying to store maps locally and that's another can of works.
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  8. Arctiic

    Arctiic New Member

    Yeah, it was just wishful thinking. Just confirmed AA processing is powered by the mobile device, not head unit. And even if you manage to hard-tether for data and circumvent the bandwidth quality/speed issue somehow, you need Android Automotive 5.0+ (these come in 4.2 off top of my head I believe?) to even run your own dev apps, which currently aren't distrubuted through official channels anyway.

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