Disappointed (gearbox replacements)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Sandrae, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. Sandrae

    Sandrae New Member

    So my husbands new kona EV started to make a noise. Took it in to get checked and although nothing can be found Hyundai are putting in a new gear box !!!
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  3. sosmerc

    sosmerc New Member

    Sorry to hear, but keep us posted because the way Hyundai handles issues is going to be very important to many people thinking about a new EV. (me especially).
  4. Sandrae

    Sandrae New Member

    Will do. Everything else is amazing.
  5. Mileage and manufacture date (inside drivers door frame) ?
    Hope it fixes problem.
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  6. Sandrae

    Sandrae New Member

    14,000 kms
    Date of manufacture December 31st 2018
    Picked it up in early February
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  8. Thanks for that. I was trying to see if there is a correlation in the production runs of defective materials/parts. Looks like I will be experiencing the same once my mileage increases. Presently I am at 4113 km with manufacture date of Dec 22/18. I also received delivery Feb 25/18.
    Not what I was hoping for.:( what was the first indication of an issue?
  9. styx66

    styx66 New Member

    Nothing can be found but they're putting in a new transmission? I feel like there's more info to be had here...
  10. Stickyman

    Stickyman New Member

    The question I am sure we all have is what was the perceived issue? Was it the hissing that I have read about/experienced intermittently? Grinding noises or sensation?

    MLKFLOT New Member

    Hi guys, this is Sandrae’s hubby.
    I noticed a transmission noise about three weeks ago, once it was warmed up and on acceleration. No biggy but it was beginning to bug me!! Last week, coming back into town, I noticed a clicking sound at low speed (pulling away from traffic lights). The faster I went it then changed to a low rumble, then at 50km/h became the transmission whine I’d noticed before.
    I immediately took it in to the local dealership, a mechanic accompanied me while I demonstrated the issue. When they hooked up the diagnostic equipment everything checked out, so they contacted tech support ‘hytech’, who told them to replace the ‘gear reducer’, which my dealership said was the Gear Reduction Assembly. I’m now waiting for the assy to arrive.
    Hope this has answered some of your questions.
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    MLKFLOT New Member

    The dealership told me it was safe to continue driving however, the most I will push it is my daily commute of 100km. I have a 1000km road trip next weekend, unfortunately I won’t risk using the Kona
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  14. Thanks for that detailed info. Sounds like a good/diligent dealership to deal with. Who is your dealership?. I don't mind referring mine as they have been excellent so far with 2 separate issues and information-advice.
  15. Everwary

    Everwary New Member

    I have a 2019 Kona EV Ultimate, just over 4000k. It has been making a clicking noise with deceleration for about 2000k. This is getting worse and sometimes it even sounds like it occurs when I first accelerate. I am taking in into Hyundai this week. I thought it was a typical CV/KONA sound until I had another Kona owner drive it today and he shared that his Kona did NOT make this same sound.. thanks Glenn. Will share what they find and how they deal with it.
  16. Is it drive train or this?

    MLKFLOT New Member

    Hi guys, sorry to hear some of you are experiencing similar issues to mine.
    Update on my story, the new Reduction Gear Assy (gearbox) arrived after a months wait, just prior to our going away for a few weeks.
    After watching a lot of activity via BlueLink I returned home expecting to pick up my repaired car. Not a chance, the ‘new’ gearbox was ten times worse than the original assembly. This time the clicking noise was much louder and occurred on acceleration, deceleration and coasting. The mechanics found ‘chunks of metal’ in the gearbox oil. My car is now in my garage, not driveable in my opinion (I’m a mechanic myself), waiting for another new gearbox. This will take another four weeks to arrive.
    The dealership, bless em, have been working hard with Hyundai’s tech support to rule out a problem with another part of the drive train, but everything points to the gearbox. To my knowledge I have the only electric Hyundai in Medicine Hat so this is all something of a steep learning curve for them. They are going to give me a loaner until my issue is resolved. I did ask if Hyundai would pay the difference in the fuel costs, I’m not holding my breath on that one. I’ll settle for getting my ‘quiet’ electric car back!!
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  18. Sorry to hear that. Hyundai is not making it easy on themselves or owners. At least you are getting positive response from your dealer. I hope the situation gets quickly resolved. This is the second gear box replacement on this forum with negative results. (although the other one was for "hiss noise")
  19. Stickyman

    Stickyman New Member

    At this point would it be eligible for Lemon Law? I don't have this issue and hope it does t come up. Any of my issues are mostly aesthetic; except for the seat belt tensioner noise which is intermittent.

    Good luck on finding resolution.
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  20. Wow, hard to believe the troubles some people are having with their Konas. Other than a few little niggles with some of the driver assist features, this car has been great for me. In particular, I don't get any of the noises that seem to be the biggest complaint. And no, it is not just my hearing. Have had many others in my car, and no one hears any unusual noise.
  21. mikeselectricstuff

    mikeselectricstuff Active Member

    There have been a few issues with driveshafts on Konas and e-niros, most common seems to be clicking when moving off after a hard turn at low speed.
  22. Everwary

    Everwary New Member

    Update on my KONA, but my interest is peaked by a "Lemon Law"??
    My Manufacture date is December 11, 2018.
    So.. My journey since I initially posted is as follows: Hyundai Regina heard and corroborated the clicking noise and after I referenced some of your posts (thanks ELECTRICEDDY), they contacted Nanaimo Hyundai and replaced the brake pads. Sadly, no change in the noise. Service also spoke to Hyundai Tech and I am now awaiting a "new" engine/gear box, which I presume is the same as what MLKFLOT mentions. However, after reading about your account MLKFLOT, my hopes are dashed again..This "chunks of metal" in the gearbox oil sure sounds worrisome.
    Sounds like it may be something associated with the manufacture date??
    Will update as I can.
  23. Grease in the pillar mounted mechanism fixes the rattle, see here at 1:45 of this video :

    We should start a thread with repair issue fixes for quick look up.

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