diesel v electric

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Islipjack, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Islipjack

    Islipjack New Member

    I've been seriously considering a Tesla for too long but now I'm in. What was the tipping point? Well, I live on Long Island and last week I took the train into Manhattan. I had to change trains in Babylon because the diesel trains that operate onost of the island aren't allowed into Penn Station which is underground. So on one track was this massive double diesel locomotive groning and belching while on the other track was the electric train. As the diesel pulled away the heat and fumes could be seen and heard billowing out of the massive exaust ports. Once gone it was quiet again until the electric train pulled away. No sound, no fumes, no rumble just the sense that it was gliding down the tracks. That was the moment when I realized what the future is and has to be.
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    SRCGTA New Member

    literally, that is a great point for environment concern. That's why the industry is now moving towards more eco-friendly options, electric being one of them.
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