Did I say weeks? I meant months.

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    I hope you realize, Bob, that this thread has derailed away from the original subject at a rather sharp tangent...

    But hey, it's your thread, so if you don't care, then I don't either!
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    I can handle 'thread drift' when dealing with insightful comments. After all, I can walk and chew gum at the same time. <grins>

    Bob Wilson
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    I got an SMS message late Friday to prepare for delivery at Fremont on Friday, March 29, at 4:00 PM:

    They have me picking it up at Fremont but no VIN. Without a VIN, no loan. We'll have a discussion on Monday. So the options are:

    1) Change delivery to Brentwood, TN - won't get it next week but likely the following week. Works for me. I asked to change it to Brentwood when I accepted their trade-in offer. It will be a serious discussion.

    2) Mad Max - I fly out and drive it directly home. About 2,400 miles in about 52 hours. They'll have to figure out how to get the trade-in.

    3) Vacation drive home - Holly and I fly out and visit Aunt Jane, Brother George, Brother Will, Best Friend Beau, Mom (possibly other relatives), and home. About 10-14 days, ~2,800 miles. They'll have to figure out how to get the trade-in.

    Bob Wilson
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    So here are my weekend observations:
    • Friday 8:52 PM - "Your Model 3 is tentatively ... 3/29, 4-6 PM"
    • Sunday 3:05 PM - "Our apologies, ... reschedule your delivery ..."
    Off hand, it looks like an administrative screw-up. The usual Tesla production panic at the end of the quarter led to these posting with someone sensible realizing my car won't be available until after the quarter.

    Bob Wilson
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    Not looking good for Tesla's ability to organize their operations.

    Did you ever get a VIN?

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    Sometimes there is profit in confusion. <grins>

    Yes and we will pick it up Tuesday afternoon.

    Bob Wilson
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    I see what you did there.
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    Parked in the driveway about 4:30 PM (CST.)

    Bob Wilson
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    Congratulations! :)

    And now you need to update your signature here.
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    • Basic Autopilot does not include lane keeping - forces hands on <grins>
    • Traffic Adaptive Cruise Control - does not suffer optical problems of BMW i3 dynamic cruise control and better speed range than Toyota TSS-P. For example, when stopped and traffic moves out, the car starts without having to touch accelerator that the other two require. Works up to 90 mph and is not limited by posted speed limits.
    • SPACE - 5 seats instead of 4; wife's folding wheel chair fits in trunk with room to spare, and; large frunk.
    • QUIET - the only engine sounds we hear are from other traffic.
    • Media - playing from iPhone remains ... a mystery. I haven't found how to address specific albums, artists, or tunes from the car menus.
    • USB cable - comes with one but since my iPhone is in a water and shock resistance cover, some assembly is required. I may leave cell phone unlocked more often.
    Bob Wilson
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    So, if you don't get Autopilot, there is still basic cruise control? Had been wondering about that.
  12. bwilson4web

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    I've asked someone who got his the same week as I did. He hasn't investigated cruise control, yet.

    Bob Wilson
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    Ok, some benchmarks at 62F for 10 miles round trip to same start point:

    266 Wh/mi @70 mph 
    159 Wh/mi @35 mph
    152 Wh/mi @20 mph

    1. Generate three or more, 10 mi, constant speed, benchmarks
    2. Use Excel to plot a trend line and display a 2nd power equation
    3. Use the coefficients to plot Wh/mi and range as a function miles

    The range assumes maximum 240 mi, 55 kWh charge. I'll edited a second one at 220 mi, ~90% SOC.

    I can't attach a spreadsheet so here is what the coefficient columns look like:
    0.0518     A
    -2.3829    B
    178.93     C
          5    d MPH
         55    kWh
        90%    % chg

    TACC observations
    • Initially sets cruise speed to posted speed limit.
    • Enabling lane keeping imposes the +5 mph limit.

    Bob Wilson
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    Ad hoc benchmarks Standard Range Plus Model 3 (SRM3+) vs BMW i3 REx (i3X)

    Cold weather aborted our camping trip to Tunica. So I visited a friend at Lacon AL which by happy accident involved two SuperCharger sessions in Athens AL. Unplanned and not rigorously matched, it did give a few clues.

    EV to Nashville - i3X
    • 76.1 mi - HSV to Manchester, $11.50 ($5.25 = $2.69 * (76.1 mi / 39 MPG))
    • 67.1 mi - Manchester to Greenhills YMCA, $14.70 ($4.63)
    EV to Athens - SRM3+
    • 36.1 mi - HSV to Lacon Flea Market
    • 33.3 mi - Lacon Flea Market to Athens, $5.72 ($4.79)
    EV Athens Round Trip - SRM3+
    • 99.9 mi - Athens to Lacon Flea Market to Ardmore to Athens, $5.50 ($6.89)
    Now we can calculate the Supercharger cost per mile:
    • $0.062 / mi - total
      • $0.072 / mi - coldest trip, ~40F
      • $0.055 / mi - last and warmest trip, ~50F
    Here are the equivalent gas prices based on EPA specs for i3X:
    • $0.069 / mi - gas estimates
    Finally, the Electrify America and EVgo costs for i3X:
    • $0.183 / mi - total CCS
      • $0.151 / mi - Electrify America
      • $0.219 / mi - EVgo

    My Supercharger miles are in the same order of magnitude as i3X gas miles and both are ~1/3d the cost of CCS electricity. Yes, comparing the cost per mile of an efficient 2019 Tesla SRM3+, 134 MPGe, and 2014 BMW i3X, 117 MPGe, are not well matched but they are what I have in hand.

    Bob Wilson

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