DFW: It's Road Rally time!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by sccarally, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. sccarally

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    You are invited to the first rally of our new season, starting in Willow Park at the Railhead Smokehouse BBQ (120 S. Ranch House Road: ¼ mile south of I-20 exit 418). It'll be a fun, 80 mile drive on scenic and historic hard surfaced country roads. As usual for Texas Region rallies there will be many wordplay puzzles to solve based on signs found along the route. Just like last year there will also be some math, "complete the phrase" and count puzzles. To keep it fun you will never have more than one puzzle to solve at a time. In addition, your Route Book will include up to four (4) possible answers for each puzzle so all you have to do is to circle the ones you find (if any).

    In one or more places a travel speed may be prescribed. The rallymaster has used the distance times rate = time (D x R = T) formula to determine when you should pass any surprise timing points. Each full minute you are early or late will cost one penalty point so even if you just run by the "Seat of Your Pants" (and your speedometer) you should do well.
    The route will be on paved scenic and historic country roads around eastern Parker County.

    Go to www.msreg.com/SRRR18msr for details, and to preregister.

    Registration begins at noon on Sunday, February 11; Car 1 will receive their Route Book at 1:31pm. They should finish at the Railhead Smokehouse at about 5:00pm, for barbecue, fellowship, and trophies.

    Join us for the Sweetheart Ride Road Rally!
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