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Discussion in 'Model 3' started by MTN Ranger, May 17, 2018.

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  1. I was the first delivery this morning at the Raleigh Sales Center. Since almost all the preliminary stuff was done online, it went very smooth. Quick signing of documents, phone key pairing, brief overview and I was done in under 30 minutes. I got the Midnight silver metallic paint with the standard 18' aero wheels. Paint and body panels alignment are excellent. Interior has two tiny issues - a piece of the cloth dash panel near the windshield needs to be tucked in, a gasket on the inside left rear door is a little deformed. Only the latter looks like the service center needs to fix. Otherwise, everything else looks great.

    VIN 142xx. It had 8 miles on the odometer. They also charge the car up to 80%. I'll have to test the local supercharger sometime when it gets low.

    I didn't get EAP, but it still shows cars around you on the screen, including blind spot warnings. I only drove back roads, so I haven't unleashed it fully yet, but the drive is very solid and response is quick. It's now getting paint protection film on the front and a ceramic coating on the rest. I may eventually tint the windows.

    IMG_1067 sm.jpg
    IMG_1068 sm.jpg
    IMG_1076 sm.jpg
    IMG_1073 sm.jpg
    IMG_1072 sm.jpg
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  3. Congratulations!!!
    It's so great to see Forum members taken delivery of new (or even used) EVs.
    Also great to see them being delivered far afield of California. I just saw one here in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday (same color), and that was pretty exciting (for me. My wife was less impressed.)

    I hope you'll consider a thread to track your experience over time. Also hope to see how the issues mentioned here get resolved.
  4. Thanks. Will do.

    I leased a 2012 Volt from 2011 to 2014 and enjoyed it very much.

    It's been two long years waiting, but I finally got a Tesla.
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  5. Ah, so you weren't even a previous Tesla owner. Interesting. Did you put your reservation down on the first day?
  6. Yes, I waited in line and got my reservation at 10am on 3/31/16.
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  8. Josh Bryant

    Josh Bryant Member

    Congratulations on getting the car!

    Really looking forward to your impressions.

    That config with white seats is what I plan to order.
  9. JeffD

    JeffD New Member

    I saw a Model 3 here in western Illinois the other day. Good to see they are getting on the road.

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  10. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Well-Known Member

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

    How have your first few days been? A complete blast I hope? :D
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  11. I was out of town for 7 days after having the car for two hours. When I came back, the detailer finished the paint correction, full front ppf install and ceramic coating. I got to drive almost 300 miles this weekend and it was a blast.
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  13. If you want to show how it looks with this work done, we're happy to have a gander. :)
  14. I'm in the process of making some youtube videos and will post soon. Weather here has been awful - rain forecast everyday all week.
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  15. Woot! Looking forward to seeing what you create.
  16. Josh Bryant

    Josh Bryant Member

    I finally configured today!

    Wife and I finally sat in a 3 this weekend. Settled on the same config as you, so guess you will have a clone over here in Texas.
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  17. Jwbj

    Jwbj New Member

    I drove my wife to Drs. office in my Kia Niro phev a wk. ago. Pulled into parking lot next to a Tesla. They left and a Nisson Leaf pulled in its place. Whoda thunk.
  18. Enjoy and good luck!
  19. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on getting a new Model 3! I hope you have many years of happy driving with the car, and please do continue to keep us updated on your experiences, both good and bad!

    It looks beautiful! :) (I admit to some jealousy here... ;) )

    Looks positively ugly in your close-up photo. I'm shocked that passed Tesla's quality checking. :(

    I'm looking forward to seeing more reports and more photos from you!

  20. I have a service center appointment coming up to fix most of my issues (about 4 or 5).
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  21. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    May I ask how long it took from reservation to delivery?

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  22. 777 days
    Or 25 months
    Or 2 years 1month and 16 days
  23. Josh Bryant

    Josh Bryant Member

    Haha MTN Ranger.

    I am a 3/31/16 reservation holder also, but I am guessing he is wonder about from configuration.

    I configured 7/16, matched to VIN LR RWD on 7/18. Then a three weeks to produce the sales contract (MPVA) due to a system failure and backlog with the new high production rate.

    I am unique because have to get MPVA and pay in full before they can ship to Texas.

    Payment completed 8/7, got a delivery date of 8/22 later that day.

    Now the longest wait...

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