Deconstructing Jim Chanos (notorious TSLA short)

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    Play it in YouTube and set a faster playback speed, 1.25 to 1.50 faster:

    It appears to be fair review of Chanos: his claims, and; his faults. One clear takeaway is Chanos is an accountant, not an engineer or product maker. So he can be easily fooled by what we called 'PowerPoint Engineering.' This is when a PowerPoint presentation makes incredible claims and then the first owners taste the bitter of poor performance for the price.

    In contrast, I'm a product guy who loves to dig into the technology ... the product characteristics. This means we could be in the same room, speaking the same language, but totally disagreeing. Been there, done that.

    The YouTube does a reasonable job of presenting Chanos thought and puncturing the flaws. Just play it back at a faster speed as life is too short to waste it on too narrow topics.

    Bob Wilson

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