Decided to Lease a Bolt This Week - What Is Your Opinon of these terms?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Coastal_Cruiser, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Coastal_Cruiser

    Coastal_Cruiser New Member

    Basic facts:
    1) I have a lease on a Prius that will terminate this August. Was planning on leasing a Bolt at the time. HOWEVER, now that GM has hit the 200K mark I am sure that Bolt lease prices will go up by then. So I am thinking of terminating my Prius lease now and grabbing a Bolt before lease prices go up.

    2) So I spoke to my local Chevy dealer and this is the deal they are offering:
    a) LT with DCFC, but no option packages (which is fine).
    b) $1,000 drive off (yes, all fees included)
    c) $405 /month (with tax)
    d) 36 mos, 12K miles

    There is also an option to pay down $2995 and pay $344 /month. All other terms the same

    Good deal? Bad deal?
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  3. Samuel B Lane

    Samuel B Lane New Member

    What’s the selling price they’re offering? Do you know all the rebates available to you? My best suggestion is to do as much research and shopping around as you can. Compare quotes to get other dealers to come down on the selling price.
  4. Coastal_Cruiser

    Coastal_Cruiser New Member

    Well since I posted this I went ahead and made a deal with a local dealer and picked up my car last Friday. I had called around for comp pricing, was just interested in what deals folks across the country had recently got. Anyway, very pleased with the deal I got, and really liking the car.

  5. Samuel B Lane

    Samuel B Lane New Member

    That's great! Signed off on mine today too. $267 a month with nothing down but first months payment. We went ahead and got excess wear insurance too so it’s $287 total. Loving it thus far too!

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