Dealer Keeps Offering Oil Change

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Jimct, May 4, 2020.

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  1. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    I got a call today from the Hyundai dealer I lease my EV from. They want me to bring it in to "inspect the high voltage battery" to make sure the "connections are secure". Then they offered to change the oil, check the transmission fluid and change the gas filter. I said that was very nice of them, but really all they had to do was rotate the tires. They then explained that this is a leased vehicle and it was my responsibility to stick to the maintenance schedule. I explained the vehicle doesn't have oil, a transmission or a gas tank. They said it was really important to check all those functions. I said "fine, knock yourself out" and scheduled the appointment. This is the second time the dealer tried to schedule an oil change. Now I'm thinking of cancelling the appointment, I don't want clueless people near the battery. And I'm really concerned about where they'll put that oil.
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  3. Wow, where are you located? Is it one of those EV desert states?
  4. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    More like the twilight zone - seriously when I leased the car I had to educate the salesman about EV's. He literally knew nothing about them.
  5. They may not figure out where to put the oil, but they will figure out how to bill you for it! They might even charge you for transmission fluid and a gas filter.
  6. All you need to do is check the warranty booklet to see what sign-offs are required. We have a "body inspection" due every year by the dealer, separate from the service, to check that the battery pan is not damaged.
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  8. Inspection is not a bad thing . My cost (as an owner ) for the annual "inspection" was about $60 including the tire rotation (replacement cabin air filter I did on my own ). The oil change etc is obviously not required. Cost for that inspection may be part of the lease agreement but should be substantially less than the ice counterpart.;)

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