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    I've visited a number of dealers and have also contacted a # of dealers in my area (Massachusetts). I plan on negotiating via email. I'm curious what dealer invoice might be for this make/model in this area. I realize that dealer cost may be a lot lower than dealer invoice, but I feel if I knew the invoice price, it would give me better frame of reference for negotiating. I was thinking/hoping to land a limited for around $38,000. Realistic or dreaming? I just had a dealer tell me that his invoice was $41,691 (he didn't even say if that was the out the door price).
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    That sounds correct. Unless there are factory incentives, the mark up is a very tight margin..
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    I live near Philly. When I checked on line there were a number of dealers in the Baltimore, MD. area selling the 2019s at what appears to be close to invoice.
    Edmunds is generally accurate as to these prices. However, keep in mind Hyundai has a 3% hold back on MSRP so even if you buy say a Kona EV at say a 40K invoice price they will still make $1200 on the deal. When I test drove one in South Jersey across the bridge from Philly in October they had like 7 EV Kona cars in stock.

    The dealer with low prices was Heritage Hyundai in Towson, Northern Maryland. The dealer that had 7 cars in inventory in October where I did my test was Burns Hyundai in Marlton, NJ. I also noticed the 2020's are on the lots in California. Also keep in mind the dealer doc fees are regulated by state law and may vary from state to state. For example in PA they are $141. If you buy your car out of state they will collect any sales tax that your state would otherwise charge and mail it to your state's DMV so you can register the car there.
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