Dealer curbed a wheel/Wheel options

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Dana Mitchell, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. Well taking it in for a radio issue the dealer tech backed it into a lift arm. They were quick to offer a new wheel so no worries there but I was thinking of some Accord wheels anyway. Has anyone swapped their wheels yet? I have seen a picture with the tire off on a stock wheel and there's something inside of it but I can't imagine what. It is very expensive while the accessory wheel is relatively cheap so I can't imagine what it would have that the other doesn't.

    Any ideas? My wheel come Friday so I'll be a little closer to knowing.
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  3. Well, I got the back two on today. Hopefully getting it cleaned up willl look at little nicer. Wish I could have afforded the 19's[​IMG]
  4. descolado

    descolado Member

    Looks great. Those are the Accord wheels? Curious to hear your MPG performance.
  5. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    I see the standard photobucket error.
  6. Well I got the other two done today since I can inky got two in the trunk. Rides normal. I can’t imagine it make much of a different but we’ll see. They are on 16-17 accords.

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  8. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    That looks really nice. Much better IMO than the factory Clarity with those pseudo hubcaps.

    These 18x8 rims come with +55 offset versus our stock +50. That means they sit 5mm more inwards. Is it noticeable?

  9. To really but the inner rear kid the wheel is tight!!! You need 18”+. Imay still space them but I don’t see it making a difference. You barely notice.
  10. Hobbesgsr

    Hobbesgsr Active Member

    Hmm...I'm trying to re-use rims from my other car. According to Discount Tire Direct it should fit.
    They are 19" x 8.5" and +30 offset. So that rim is 1/2" wider and 20mm mounted to the outside. So it should be 26.35mm closer to the wheel well edge.
  11. Well you’d be 28.5mm closer to the inside. You are and inch bigger but I could barely fit my finger between the stock wheel and the rear part of the rear suspension. I would say you have to come out 25-30 at least and you would be close to the rear fender. I’ll try to take a look tomorrow and see if the 19s would make it any better.
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  13. The 19 inch wheels prove the maxim: less is more. Great simple design.
  14. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    This looks very good. Too bad the wheels wouldn't be a factory option, not aero enough.
  15. I can't see that they make any difference. I'm averaging the same as before and I'm all highway. That's where it would make a difference. City it would be zilch.

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