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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by dubu_x, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. dubu_x

    dubu_x New Member

    I want to install a dash cam, but I don't want to use a suction cup mount as I heard those fall off easily in the summer (when it gets too hot) nor do I want to tape the mount onto my windshield. Therefore I was thinking of buying a mount that can hang off the back of the rearview mirror. Has anyone heard of this and is using it? I'm just worried that by hanging it off the rearview mirror, it may block some sensors.
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  3. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

  4. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Check out the Rexing line of dash cams. They come with a windshield mount that the cam slides on and off.
    I mounted that way on glass behind mirror for a very unobtrusive install that did not obstruct the driver’s view very much. Mine has a rear facing camera so I had to mount with a small part blocking the view under the mirror but with a forward only cam, it can be mounted so as to not block any of the driver’s vision. They also set good reviews.
    Here’s is a thread with pictures and how to hide the wires which is really easy in the Clarity.

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  5. weave

    weave Active Member

    I was thinking of this.

    It sort of wedges itself into the crevice between the window and dash, and it has a small suction cup to give it support.

    I like it because I could check live video shots of my car while parked from remote. A bit pricey though.

    insert beam .gif

    But ... what is this little raised button in the center of the dash for? Worried about blocking it.

    clarity dash.jpg

    btw, it's a shame that we already have a camera mounted in the window (for honda sensing) but there's no option for it to record as a dash cam. What a great missed opportunity for them.
  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    That bump is a light sensor that the climate control uses in its algorithm along with interior/exterior temperature sensors and inside humidity sensor to control the AC and defrost and attempt to keep the windshield from frogging and run the CC efficiently. So you don’t want to block it entirely.
    I don’t know what else the computer uses it for but I’m sure it’s not the headlights since we don’t have self dimming brights and it’s not the auto dimming rear view mirror which has its own light sensor (behind on dr side) and it’s own rear facing sensor (bottom).
    BTW, that wedge mount is a great bit of kit if your dash cam doesn’t come with a mount. Thanks for sharing.
    Totally agree w you on Honda spending a little to have a port for a thumb drive to record but I bet the camera is not high definition and if it’s as poor as the reverse/blindspot ones it wouldn’t do for me. But it’s a great idea and wouldn’t cost the mfg much to implement.
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  8. weave

    weave Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I'll take a bit of plastic to simulate that wedge mount and see if it goes in like that video offset to the side a bit. That should at least not block it.
  9. While we are on the subject, what is the small square on the back of the rear view mirror? What will happen if I put my dash cam in front of it, partially blocking it?

  10. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I think (no source) that is a daylight sensor for the rearview mirror auto dimming feature so it doesn’t dim in the daytime. I mounted my cam on windshield directly in front of it and it has about a 3” gap. I’m not noticing any problems.
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