Cut fast charging in half

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by Mike Leidal, Feb 20, 2022.

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  1. Mike Leidal

    Mike Leidal New Member

    Everyone knows that people will say " I'm not going on a trip and have to either go out of my way or sit somewhere or both waiting to get the battery charge up".
    The fast charging systems that we have now claim to be able to charge to 75 to 100 miles of charge on in ten or fifteen minutes.
    Which in itself is impressive! But not good enough for those people for a couple of reasons
    When you pull into to "fill up" some people will try and squeeze every drop of gas in that they can ( fill up means fill up not 80% full or enough to go another 75 miles)
    The time it takes to "fill up"

    Solution is:
    having 2 charging ports and 2 batteries so each battery will be able to charge 75 to 100 miles in ten to fifteen minutes on the fast charging system.
    I have an EGO battery powered snow blower that takes 2 batteries. I also have 2 chargers so I can charge both batteries at the same time cutting my charging time in half.
    With a charging port on both sides of the vehicle and there is only one port available just pull in and use whatever port is most convenient . Unlike a gas with the filler tube on one side.
    Also when you operate a gas pump you must be there you can't walk away and come back later. you can't leave a gas pump unattended.
    With an electric vehicle you plug it in and leave it. There is no reason you need to attend it while it's charging.
    When you have the opportunity to double charge you can... cutting the charge time in half.
    So we'll say it take 15 minutes to charge to fast charge to 75 miles of range when you plug in both you'll get 150 miles of range. During that trip you can call it relief stop and grab a burger and fries and by the time you are back to the vehicle you are good to go another 150 miles.

    My EGO snow blower uses 2 batteries but when you install them in the snow blower the 2 batteries become one power source and both batteries are discharged equally. So I think this idea can be applied to electric powered vehicle too. This just a thought,
    I by no means is an expert on this or have any engineering education on batteries or charging.
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