Customizing The Center Screen

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Tiralc, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member


    To move any icon, just press on it till it gets an outline, then drag it to where you would like it to go. (no setting menu stuff needed)

    To change the four sub menu items for an icon such as Info, press and hold any of the small boxes. Now, you can choose which four you want to show. NOTE, for some Icons like Audio, there are four different choices for each of the sources, e.g. FM, AM, etc. Some sources have no options as shown above (note the absence of the four small buttons, which will fill in, once a source with choices is selected). Once in the submenu area, you can go right or left to select different Icons to work with.

    To change the wallpaper, press and hold on the background center where there are no Icons or widgets. Select wall paper, and the choices are self explanatory from there (we have a number of built in options).

    To add a Widget for a link to a web page, first open the browser, navigate to the desired page, and save a book mark (using menu on the fixed black area to the left boarder). Then press and hold the center of the display where there is no icon and select add widget. Pick the "link" widget by pressing directly on the red widget itself. Choose the desired bookmark (you saved it earlier), then drag the link widget anywhere you want on any of the five available pages.
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  3. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    So Tiralc, can you add four sub menu Audio selections (say AM, FM, XM & Bluetooth), adjacent to the ‘parent’ Audio icon, in the same manner as you see adjacent to the Info or Phone icons?
  4. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    It's more like you can add four items for FM, then four different items for Bluetooth. So, the four items are source context sensitive, and change automatically for the source selected.

    I will post some videos shortly (have to upload them to Youtube first).
  5. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    Selecting Sub Menu choices (small icons next to the large Icon)

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  6. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    Moving Icons on a screen (page) or to a different page.

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  8. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    Choosing Wallpaper (your own images (gallery)), live wallpaper (moving images), or pictures:

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  9. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Tiralc, well done as always. Thanks. :)
  10. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    To add a Web page link (URL) by a browser widget:

    Note that our 2018 Clarity PHEV does not have an onboard integrated (embedded) cell phone with Internet access (e.g. OnStar). So, web access is with via your home WiFi (connect the Clarity to your home WiFi network), your smart phone as a WiFi hotspot, or through your smart phone with a data plan via bluetooth.
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  11. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Nice job figuring all of this out.
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  13. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    1st one to subscribe to Tiralc's channel
  14. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    I also switched to that alternative GUI, but I have no idea how to add a new wallpaper. I imported wallpapers for the clock but they don't appear on the 'gallery' nor 'wallpaper' options. Any hint on how to brig them in would be extremely appreciated! Thanks.
  15. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    Question- My Clarity has never had a web browser to my knowledge. My buddy bought Clarity similar time, and his has the web link. How does one expose this (web browser) or add it?
  16. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Mine neither. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  17. Bina12834

    Bina12834 Member

    subbed for more info on all of this.

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