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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by jkerbow, Jun 14, 2021.

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  1. jkerbow

    jkerbow New Member

    Have narrow my search down to a Niro EV or an ID.4. (I am very much limited by being in a part of the country where few EVs are available.) A local Kia dealer is offering a 2020 EX with a $5k rebate. Not sure where that is coming from (or if it's just their way of saying they are going $5k under the MSRP), but it seems like a decent deal. There is a part of me that would prefer to lease (despite having never leased before).

    I've asked the dealership for some leasing numbers, but was curious if there were others here willing to share some of their recent leasing experiences/numbers so I have a point of reference.

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  3. Would it matter what continent it was on? :D
  4. roy_mustang76

    roy_mustang76 New Member

    So, I'm actually in the process of leasing a 2020 EX as well. It will lease much better than the ID.4 because Kia has some pretty good incentives out there. There's a 5k rebate for purchase only that comes directly from Kia, but there's a $12500 rebate specifically for leasing (basically the full 7.5k tax credit plus the 5k for purchasing).

    I went through Rodo (leasing app) and was able to get a 36 month, 15k mi/yr lease for $367/mo, only first payment due at signing. If there isn't a ton of EV demand where you live you could probably do even better than that.
  5. Sena Narottama

    Sena Narottama New Member

    I just leased a 2020 Niro yesterday. 36mo/10k for $313 with 2k DAS. My credit score could have been better but I am just fresh out of college and this would be a great way to build my credit! I am very happy with my car right now! I'm currently gathering all of the documents needed for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) that'll get me 2k in rebate.
  6. phonezilla

    phonezilla New Member

    I also just leased a 2020 Niro EX yesterday after shopping a number of cars, but for me it came down to the Kona Electric and the Niro. I know the 21s are starting to show up, so my dealer matched an offer I'd had on the Kona and was going to go with – $1500 DAS, 36mo/10k, $306/mo. with all taxes etc. included. The lowest comparable offer in my market was about $30-$40 more per month for the same model.
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  8. aguptaroc

    aguptaroc New Member

    I am in the market for a new car. Test drove Niro EV yesterday. The feel of the car was great. The suspension is not as good, the drive felt a lot bumpy to my wife/son sitting at the back. Have you experienced the same? Also, I have never leased before? Considering leasing the EV as I have been reading how the car depreciates over the course of few years. Was it primarily why you all leased? Anyone bought Niro EV here and how did you make that decision. Car has few detailed testing for safety so that is another of my concern. Please share you thoughts. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.
  9. I bought one. Just not a leaser type person. As for choosing Niro over Kona, lift the back hatch and take a look inside both. It is amazing what 2" of depth means....
  10. The dealer just south of Portland had a 2yr lease for like $139 per month in June. Doing the deal added almost exactly $100/mth more for WA taxes and other border-crossing 'bonus' fees :eek: but we made it work. The salesman said they went from about 30 white Niros to 2 in just a few weeks - so for the PNW, time's about up on the 2020s.

    Buying a full EV in southwest Washington just can't be done, seems to be hybrids only - so Oregon's offer was the best for 350 miles. (Maybe the Puget Sound has some around, or maybe it's all Teslas?)

    Hmm. Interesting read at
  11. Cory LaFountaine

    Cory LaFountaine New Member

    Just purchased a 2020 touring SE. Leasing was not available according to my dealer. Got the 5K off and they paid off my lease a year early with a bunch of extra miles on it. Car was around 28,000 or so and 430ish a month with the tire and wheel protection and extending the bumper to bumper warranty.
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  13. Bob Bright

    Bob Bright New Member

    We went to our local Kia dealership in Columbus Ohio yesterday, and the best they could offer us was $560 off the price of the Premium model. We really like the car but even with the discount, after adding taxes and fees it’s a $50,000 car. Looking at the market we feel that it is overpriced. Especially with the EV6 coming out early next year. If Kia would offer, say, a $5000 rebate on the 2021 model I think it would be worth it.
  14. jeff_h

    jeff_h New Member

    Here is the current list from the dealer in MD where I bought mine, out of the 8 in stock 6 are marked $3k off and the other 2 are marked $8k off.

    If you got one there, MD doesn't charge sales tax when a car is purchased for out-of-state use, though you may have to pay it to OH when you register it there.. so it's something to think about if you're really looking right now, I've done several out-of-state purchases and make a road trip out of it (though yours would include 2-3 extra charging stops on I-70)...

    Good luck!
  15. Bob Bright

    Bob Bright New Member

    Hi Jeff - thanks for the info. Ohio would definitely collect the sales tax when I register it here, otherwise I would gladly make the road trip just for the savings and the adventure. :) Our dealer is offering $3000 off for 2021 models, which is a Kia factory rebate. But then you give up 0% financing. Anyway it may not matter. I am leaning towards the Kia, but today we looked at the VW ID.4 and my wife really likes it. I usually lose in these kind of battles LOL.
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  16. natacolem

    natacolem New Member

    It's the same in my house, but I try to make it how I want. Kia is a good option.
  17. Crash

    Crash New Member

    Just bought a 2022 Niro EV last week. I saw the similar rebate versus 0% APR on previous years. I used the 0% APR. Really wanted to wait for EV6 or Ioniq 5, but I just could not. Maybe in a year+ I will upgrade or pass the Niro to someone else in the family.
  18. Bob Bright

    Bob Bright New Member

    Congratulations on your new Niro EV. Did the dealership come down on the price?
  19. Crash

    Crash New Member

    No, put I did not press very much. In today's car climate, I was just happy to get a car I (somewhat) wanted. Some of the other local dealers had a "market addition" of an extra 1 or 2k.
  20. Bob Bright

    Bob Bright New Member

    Yeah no surprise - dealers know they are holding all the cards.
  21. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    I don't think there's any question some can't make sense of the price and that's limiting sales, but make sure you are considering any federal state and local incentives available. In our case that's over $13,000.

    Also agree with you the price delta between the EV6 and Niro could be an issue, although some actually prefer the smaller size of the Niro versus EV6.
  22. Bob Bright

    Bob Bright New Member

    I’m jealous of your state incentive. We live in Ohio and the politics are decidedly anti-environment.
  23. shepdave

    shepdave New Member

    I'm in Northern Virginia. I just turned in my 2019 Bolt to the Chevy dealership and got my buyback check yesterdy. Today I bought a 2022 Niro EV EX Premium.

    I paid $1K less than MSRP, which, according to the sales guy, included a $2K rebate from Kia. When I asked him why, then, the dealer's price was only $1K less than sticker, he said that it's because there was a $1K markup that the dealer put on.

    This corresponds to my experience with the dealer where I test-drove a Niro EV three weeks ago. Those guys were going to charge a full $3,400 above MSRP. I had no interest in that; but it tells me that dealers around here are getting away with marking the price up beyond the sticker price.

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