Couple possible negative signs for Tesla

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 27, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Recently Tesla put out a video for its Start program where it would pair with community colleges. In that video the presenter talks about a projection of 25% BEVs by 2030 and it seems that this is a video presented by Tesla itself as it shows branded shirts and this is a program to train its technicians.

    But that estimate is totally absolutely pathetic, 25% by 2030 is beyond horrid, tragic and pathetic,- only 25% in 12 years time. That's as criminal as VW's utter bull sht, 15% by 2025. We should be able to jail the exes and even the share holders (hows that for corporate vale breaching?) over this kind of BS. But there it is the projection based on total and utter corruption- so it remains to be seen if Tesla actually thinks this too or if this was just some paid shilling that someone thought Tesla would over look. Its in line with some BS predictions by the Trump admin, but what would Tesla parrot that **** unless it was being forced to?

    The other one that was disappointing and may support the above suspicion is Musk seems to have decreased his take on roof top solar and increased his take on utility scale solar such that both now have roughly 33% shares in his estimate of what it will take. He has noted this is because of heating and automotive and residential and industrial power, but it seems to be going backwards and I don't get it really except maybe it plays to Tesla's storage business and speed of response to carbon.

    There is one more bridge that Tesla must cross and that is with a better garage charging mechanism. Kind of hoping they will consider at least the option of the witricity or wireless charging option if they feel they can spare the slight difference in charging efficiency. You have to go roof top solar to batter in garage to electric but you need that convenient coupler to make it a truly trouble free life style. That is another bridge I know they recognize they must cross. Have a cable even in snake charger still means doing something verticle with a thick cable and that's not the best solution. An embedded horizontal cable would be better.
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  3. terminaltrip421

    terminaltrip421 New Member

    this seems like a coincidentally perfect place to put my current thoughts but first; are you inebriated when you post these or are you just perpetually wound? if it's the latter and you are in one of the 8 states (d.c. included) where it is recreationally permissible I'd recommend experimenting with marijuana. if you're not in one of the aforementioned states perhaps you're in one of the 20 or so others where it can be prescribed for severe anxiety.

    that said, while my feelings on musk are known to those that recognize my moniker I often give tesla the benefit of the doubt when it comes to longevity but perhaps that was foolhardy. maybe there is a conspiracy against 'the musk movement' or perhaps his hubris might just bite him in the *** as hubris should; I say this because of a pair of two news pieces that remind me I'm probably not without reason in doubting the man's abilities to be the end-all be-all as he would have others to believe him to be.
    ^obviously not without its merits given everything we know post acquisition.
    ^falls in line with what is going on a year of the model 3's supposed start of production.
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    You have to see what happened with Solar City as Nevada perpetrating an Enron style scam. The failed natural gas industry was getting upset that its fraud and corruption was getting rolled so it did this scam with the help of the utility board on the citizens. In response Tesla/Solar City picked up and left. But the Musk companies has already invested a lot in Nevada understandably as there is enough sunlight there to power the globe. Remember the Giga factory was there and this betray and outright fraud and criminality took over. I'd like to see the members of the Nevada utility board prosecuted. But it seems our legal system is no longer in tact in the US.

    All Musk is doing is following a very logical and obvious to those who look vision. Petrol is the biggest rip off in human history. It should have been gone 50 years ago. At 13% economic efficiency theoretic max it's sub threshold for an above water economy but its meant to hollow things out. Renewable's run at an above threshold 90% efficiency that provides an insurmountable strategic advantage on the global stage.
    Nobody really guaranteed these utilities anything and their investors should get nothing. We never ever should have allowed for profit private utility monopolies because the profit was just waste that contributed nothing and actually constituted and extreme conflict of interest. We should have just taxed mainly the useless non contributing wealthy or the especially the socially useless wealth to put up at cost cooperative utilities like where 40-60% of the US gets is electricity now. The idea that investors should be able to tax the public with profit in local monopolies is beyond idiotic and at this point for their incredibly foolish investing they deserve less than nothing. We have to learn to tax correctly again instead of doing all these stupid municipal bonds as tax shelters. I get that its easier to defacto tax than straight up tax especially when it comes to nest egg income but it was only corruption that has allowed petrarchy to use economic terrorism to hold our pensions and utilities hostage. Society gets less than nothing for their profit and radically less than nothing for their subsidies- its just theft.

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