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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by JFree, Sep 27, 2019.

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  1. We've had our Kona for a couple of weeks now and things have been good, except for the last couple of days. My wife drives this almost exclusively so I am only relating a couple of issues we/she are having.

    One has to do with phone connection and sound. All of a sudden when her iPhone is plugged in by USB, she can hear no sound from the person she is connected to nor can the other person hear her. I tried my iPhone as well and same thing happens. Phone is connected through CarPlay. Noticed that when a call is initiated, screen reports that bluetooth is being turned off on the car end (is that normal). Also many of the calls she is trying to make just time out and go nowhere—even though cell service is fine.

    The other issue she is reporting is that she is not getting any heat. It's about 50 degrees out where we are in NYS and have climate control set to 72, but no heat is coming out. Drive mode is in ECO (not ECO plus).
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  3. I recently turned the heat on for the first time. If using Auto Climate Control, it directs the airflow to the feet only and you may not notice it. Change the air flow mode to direct it at you. When I did that, I noticed the heat coming out.
  4. Mywifeskona

    Mywifeskona New Member

    Hi Jfree,
    My experience is the temp output comes on more gradual the closer that cabin temp and climate set point are to each other (I assume you have an electric heater). To remedy this, I turn the heater temp and fan up to almost max, then back it down when the cabin is at least comfortable.
    Even doing this, it still takes longer than expected to warm up.
    Your not alone here.
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  5. DelRider

    DelRider Member

    There can be so many things that impact phone service. A couple of things you can try to narrow things down a bit are: If you haven't already, update to the newest iOS (13.1.1 as of today) and see if that helps. Put the phone up on the dash or something, not on the charging pad to see if that helps. After that, don't use CarPlay. Just see how a BlueTooth connection with the Hyundai interface works. If that works well you can nail it down to CarPlay and go from there.
    I haven't started using heat yet. I'm in the states, so we get resistive heating which can be taxing to the battery. I've heard that using the seat heaters instead of warming the cabin will save on energy and be more efficient. Setting aside potential issues with your heater, have you tried that yet? Good Luck!
  6. Robbert

    Robbert Active Member

    I had the same issue with Carplay initially. What I ended up doing is deleting the Bluetooth connection with the car altogether, so my phone would never associate with the car. Phone calls etc. work fine over Carplay (plugged in) only, as does music. Since I did that, no more wackiness when plugging in the phone or taking a phone call. One thing to remember though is when you unplug the phone, all connection with the car is lost.

    I got one of these holders: for my iPhone 8, and it works great, plus I can see the phone screen while driving and with IOS13, I can have a different app on the phone than what's running on Carplay. Keep in mind that with Proclip, you need a car and phone component. So just the phone holder isn't enough. Not cheap, but these things just don't ever fall down and are super reliable.
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  8. victor_2019

    victor_2019 Active Member

    We have no problem connecting to kona with android auro or iphone carplay, and have bluetooth connection active as well when phone is not connected by usb cable.
  9. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Welcome to the forum @JFree.
    I also find that the heat is sub-par for a northern climate car. We are in Vancouver which is not terribly cold but I am still glad I have a garage to park in.

    Don't forget you can use the seat heat and steering wheel heat to offset the lack of fast effective cabin heating.
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  10. Funny, I thought the car heated up fine last winter. -35°C
  11. Used this this morning (with the sunroof partially open and all windows cracked down 1 inch). Didn't even require the heat pump - but that will change sooner than later:rolleyes:
    I also recall from last Feb/March I was warm enough with the heat pump running - sorry USA (windows open again 1 inch - reduces foggy windows) but the winter temperature here is a little warmer than the rest of Canada - only humidity is a problem. And the Kona is definitely NOT efficient when using the A/C to dry the air and restive heat to warm it at the same time.
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  13. For context, posters might want to note which heating system you have, PTC or HP. I realise Canadians have the HP but it's a pain to check each profile and some are blank.
    I have the HP and I'm nearly certain there is no PTC for dehumidification. It either toggles back and forth like a reversible home unit does (heating and cooling) or it can do both at once. You'll note there is both a condensor and a evaporator at the firewall. It's very mild here in NZ but I find the system works very well in any situation.
    I do have a separate PTC for the battery heater, as the Canadians do, and apparently higher-trim US 2020 models.
  14. The battery usage menu shows the heat pump draw and also shows the increase when the PTC cuts in
  15. Okay, I give up. So many messages and not once did anyone define PTC. What is it?
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  16. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    Positive Temperature Coefficient. I googled and found some technical PDFs which I could not easily share back to this forum.

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  17. apu

    apu Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Its a fancy self regulating resistance heater, PTC - positive temperature coefficient.
  18. This morning I set the heat to 27 (max) with the defrost and heat on and watched the electricity usage climb. The heat pump revolves between 600 and 1200 watts supplying cool dry air in A/C mode, and when the resistive heater cuts in climate consumption climbs to 3800 watts. I recall that # being higher when the temp gets colder as it was a balmy 9 degrees C this morning. As soon as I lowered the setting to 22 (heat only mode) where I normally keep it , the draw was reduced to 600 to 800 watts with the heat pump now in the heating mode.
  19. Solved the phone issue. Had something to with iPhone and not car. A hard reset of the phone cleared things up.

    With regard to the heat however, there are still problems. I got heat trying it in the driveway on a relatively mild day. However, today on her way to work my wife said she’s getting no heat at all—even with the temperature set to 82. Just cool air blowing. Tried it in both auto mode and with just heat button pressed. In normal mode and not in eco mode. Again just cool air. Blower set to different vents makes no difference.

    Anything we might be missing or should we just take in to be checked?

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  20. I had a similar experience last night. I turned the heat on which took a while to warm up as others have noted. When I closed the air intake using the recirculate button things changed dramatically. It got too warm quickly. I suspect the intake air is overwhelming the heated air. Try using recirculate with the heater on and see if that helps. I reopened the intake after a few minutes and the cabin began to cool pretty quickly so I'm perhaps some experimentation will be needed to figure out the balance that keeps the cabin heat to air flow ratio acceptable.
  21. Thanks. Will give that a try. My wife said she tried putting the defrost defog setting on and the heat kicked in. Then turned AC off and heat continued to work in heat mode. Kind of strange. Will keep monitoring.

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  22. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I stopped the car and got out without turning it off. It was making a terrible noise. Sounded like a gas engine also running AC. My friend was in the car so I went away for about 5 minutes and when I came back I could still hear it from 100 feet away. (I initially thought it was as someone running some noisy equipment nearby, but as I approached the car I could hear it coming from under the front bumper area). I turned off the auto heat/AC and the noise quit , so it must have been the heat pump. Going to try it again today. I don’t know if it was as heating or cooling as it was about 16C degrees outside so not much was happening.
  23. AC is noisy for sure. It doesn't sound very EV from outside when that's running.

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