Cost of A01 service?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Vinoh, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    I'm getting the A01 service tomorrow and I was assuming the cost would be about $40 which is advertised for an oil change and multipoint inspection. However, I just saw an ad for a discount of $25 off the regular A01 price of $145.

    For those of you that did the service already, about how much did you pay and did you get the official A01 service? What is included in A01 over and above an oil change plus multi-point inspection?


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  3. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    I pay about $60. It is oil change, tire rotation and inspection. Ask them to break out costs. Total maintenance costs for 20,000 miles (3 services) have been about $180. They told me I didn't need pollen filter with my third service (A012), it was still clean.
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  4. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Cool! Thanks.
  5. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    I have "free oil changes for life" but they charge $25 for the tire rotation and nothing for the inspection. On my second A01 they also balanced the tires doubling the charge - unfortunately I didn't realize it until much later so there wasn't much to be done.

    My third A01 will be coming up soon and I now know I need to make sure they don't throw in any extra services.

  6. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    Not to hijack this thread, but anyone here do their own service? This is something I have always done on my Civic Hybrid. It was simple and cheap to do - I would imagine the Clarity is not much different.
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  8. SkipperT

    SkipperT Member

    Yep, I resemble that remark.
    BTW, anyone know what the torque value of the lug nuts should be? The have a captive washer built in, so I'm assuming around the 100 ft/lbs area. I didn't see it listed in the owners manual.

    Anyone have a service manual?

  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I believe that Honda always specifies 80 lb-ft for lug nuts. The service manual is now a pay-as-you-go website. You'll find many PDF files about different service topics from that website in different threads on this forum, usually submitted by the wonderful AnthonyW.
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  10. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    my dealer did it for free including tire rotation!
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  11. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Even with a coupon the oil change with inspection and tire rotation came out to $88. With a $25 coupon, A1 service would have been about $120 for almost the same thing. They used synthetic for an additional $20, implying it was required and I later saw in the owner's manual that was not true. Combined with a botched range fix update, I think it's time to move to a different dealer for service. :(
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  13. Elm

    Elm New Member

    Got the A01 service today - $30.25. Dealership offers the 1st oil change free but not the tire rotation. Also request and got the SB 18-069 HV range fix for no cost.
  14. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    I would, my dealer offers the complete oil change with synthetic (blend maybe instead of full synthetic) for about $30 and the rotation is about the same. Tire rotation takes like 5 minutes (maybe 15 with inspection) and oil change maybe 15 minutes. Your price sounds way too high.
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  15. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    I was off a bit on split, it is full synthetic and cost $21 for oil (not $20 additional and less than I usually pay at parts store). Oil change is about $40 and rotation less than $20.

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  16. bigbug

    bigbug Member

    After 6 months my Clarity is still on the second tank. Can I wait a little longer for the oil change?
  17. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    12 months or 6000 miles seems to be what the car recommends, but maybe really light fuel users will see more miles.
  18. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    That’s the dilemma we are all in. Honda brags about the Clarity being able to go up to 12 months on an oil change if HV % of miles is low enough like yours. But at the same time Honda says you have to change when the MM says to. We all know that in your case, like others, the MM is seriously underestimating the useful life of the oil. However, not following the MM could give Honda an excuse not to honor any warrmaty claims related to lubricated engine parts. This could then require a costly and time consuming legal battle to prevail. So use common sense instead of following the MM at your own peril. It boils my oil (not the car’s) that I have to do this since it wastes my time and money, and is not good for the environment either.

    Please go to this post and use the link to make a formal ticket with Honda. You will most likely get a lame, canned response but it’s worth the effort because this approach got Honda to issue a Sevice Bulletin to fix the erroneously high HV milage estimate. We just need enough people to take a little time and effort to complain to Honda.’s-get-the-oil-change-interval-bug-fixed-and-here’s-a-poll-and-a-link-to-do-it.3146/
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  19. bigbug

    bigbug Member

    Exactly the answer I was looking for! Just submitted my concern to Honda. Let's see how it goes.
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  20. David A

    David A Guest

    Its not a dilemma...if you drive this car and you can verify within reason EV versus ICE is totally ridiculous to change oil on this car at 6000 miles. In my case, at 6000 miles I will have ~1800 miles on the ICE.

    Of course everyone is different and if you happen to live in a harsh area like the beach or the Nevada/Utah salt flats...then you change fluids accordingly. Or if you are intimidated by the Honda machine and threats of voiding the warranty..then by all means change the oil when Honda tells you to.

    No doubt someone will chirp that its "only $50 so worth it for peace of mind". True its only $50...but to Honda that $50 translates to half a million dollars for every 10,000 Oil changes...minus expenses of course. This isn't even counting the tire rotation charges or the up-sell which will occur because folks will be afraid if they don't do too will void the warranty. The money it costs a consumer is not the issue...its the principle.

    The other thing to keep in mind...the ICE warranty for this car is the same as for a traditional car...5 years or 60,000...think about it...even if you use the ICE 50% of the time...that will equate to only 30,000 miles on the ICE when the warranty runs out. What are the odds a highly reputable engine made by reliable company will go belly up at 60k...never mind 30k...highly unlikely. Honda is once again the one who comes out on top.

    Personally, I will change the oil when the MM comes on the first time which I have no doubt will be between 6-8k just so I can document the oil was changed per spec. Afterwards, I am going to a 15,000 mile/1 year interval using a name brand extended life oil filter and a name brand 0w-20 full synthetic, extended performance oil. I chose 15,000 because at 50% ICE usage that equates to 7500 miles which is on the low end of the industry range these days.

    In the highly unlikely event something goes wrong with the ICE in the next 5 years, I have no doubt Honda will spend many dollars on lawyers to defeat me just so they can assume dominance and keep the lemmings in line.

    I appreciate everyone on this forum...and I truly understand the fear and intimidation these large companies purposely communicate to the consumer. I am not critical of anyone who tows the line...I personally am tired of the misrepresentation large corporations routinely this case its Honda who touts these cars as "less maintenance" etc then it proves to be false when it comes to fluid changes.

    As Internet inventor Al Gore famously said about climate change...this is an "Inconvenient Truth" that most folks agree with but rarely say out loud.

    Love the car...have no regrets buying the car.
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  21. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Got an online quote of $89.95 from local Honda dealers in SF Bay Area for A1 service. That seems a lot for an oil change and tire rotation.

    Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 1.13.46 PM.png

    We have 6500 miles on the car, with less than 500 miles on ICE.
  22. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    We just completed our A1 service over the weekend. Total charge with tax is about $110 in SF Bay Area.

    Here's break down:
    $80 for oil change
    $40 for tire rotation
    12% discount (with coupon)
    + Sales Tax
  23. SK Graham

    SK Graham New Member

    Just a note:

    The A01 service warning indicates "soon" at around 6000 miles, but doesn't say "Due Now" until around 7500 miles. (And then it starts counting up how many days you are late. I did my service around 3 days late.)

    So don't rush in at 6000 miles; wait for "due now". (Which is still absurd for a car with 2000 gas miles, but oh well.)
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