Core Flaw in the American Business & 'Free' Enterprise System

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    There are people who think:

    1. Everybody has a willful price.
    So its not a price under duress it just a willful price and they are certain everyone has a duress price but regardless they think everyone can be bought and everyone is for sale and they think people who don't accept this are stupid- so they are self-righteous about it and further think everyone does get bought- its a way of lying to themselves about their own inadequacy

    2. Money or bribes are mitigating not aggravating.
    So that instead of money aggravating when it is used as incentive for criminal or unethical harmful behavior they see this as protected speech and as a good thing, so if someone gets paid off, if the amount is higher or above some threshold then they think it is understandable or a mitigating factor instead of an aggravating factor.

    But this is pure psychopathy, these people are missing something, it is a very inferior way of being. I personally think it is a form of mental retardation (no offense to people who experience actual MR,) maybe it is possible to train them out of it but who knows what it takes to get such people beyond this? Is it simple lack of maturity or being stuck in that state (Lawerence Kholberg's scale?) in a way its like super low or compromised EQ. Regardless the American 'Free' Enterprise System and Business system... business in general (business is a stupid term like pointless distraction based busyness) is designed to support and promote this kind of psychopathy it is a like a support system for these kinds of psychopaths or a support group for this kind of supreme idiocy. So it basically promotes the power of aggravators literally incapable of handling power or sway over other people's welfare. And this is a real problem we have with it. More aware people are left wondering why it is so stupid and maladaptive in core or critical ways and so intractable to the point of putting human survival at serious risk. It does have its pros but it needs critical change along this dimension and overall it needs to be made secondary. A society for the sake of business it the most backwards beyond imagination.

    So this is the issue we're having and we're confronting it with natural gas, coal and oil. It is almost hilarious that these supreme idiots were so confident they would be able to continue forcing people to buy a product they didn't need. Also coming along with this kind of mind blindness, them being dumb about other people (low EQs) they're also logically dumb (hope I am not projecting too much here.) People always think of psychopaths as reptilian and smart but I think it is time we think of them as unevolved and stop making excuses for raw criminality, at best it is a case of immaturity. So they thought they could foist their useless product on people but they can't, so now all they can do is cannibalize their supply as in the claimed destruction of the SA refineries. So what comes next is the oligarchs and families are found out and put through the due process criminal justice prosecution system, they get Nuremberg trials because it is just deserts just like last time the world had to flush a bunch of psychopaths with the Nazis. The other thing that is missing is that for all the atrocities they driven and what they've done to the planet, stupidly and for the worst reasons, if you don't want a punishment model then lets propose this: too bad there is no a humane test for this so we can just weed these people out - psychopaths should not have power, it should be a crime for them to be in any position of power. It should be a crime when we find one of them in a hierarchy.

    I doubt that we even need hierarchical organization in any form anymore- we need to get rid of the dumb leadership fetish- if someone isn't as developed as a Nelson Mandela or a Martin Luther King or a Gandhi and if you don't have the extreme vision and maturity of these people than 'leadership' is extreme bs but we promote this nonsense as part of the promotion of putting psychopathic idiots on the top or allowing for what we get out of hereditary power which amounts to the same. So I suggest that we criminalize their ascension in any sort of system so if we find them at the top then they need to be doing life terms, sounds a bit like Gatica I know but couldn't care less about the ambition quelling. But how do we cull for that without an inquisitional slippery slope? We can get rid of the US presidency for a start but even if we didn't do that right away its obvious no one's spouse should ever end up president without reincarnating first!

    How do we do it? Well if we find them engaged in 1 or 2, taking bribes or bribing or promoting bribery culture at the top then that is a solid indication. So bribery behavior is not just an aggravator. In the aggregate its a supreme aggravation and certainly no double speak mitigator so if we find that logic backed up by behavior and intent if we can find this then we should be able to prosecute the adherent and put them away for good or for a very long time at least for the dissuasive effect. So even the members of the SC that found in law (SC writing law) that money (bribery) was 'speech' instead of the correct and obvious understanding that it was censorship leading to people as property over money and all the problems we have today in the US, we should be able to remove them from the court posthumously, disbar some of them and give them the proper condemnation and ignominy they deserve as it was no experiment they had to know they were completely undermining US society and in so doing putting the entire world at risk. Same for the dilution of human rights with corporate rights. So this isn't saying go witch hunt and use bad means to good ends because means are ends in themselves but it is saying no more simply tolerating bad means to bad ends righteousness in the face of proliferating existential threat type tech.
    No more suffering idiots with power and no more glorifying and reifying that system or the tolerance of it.

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