Contaminate Mars.... so insulting to any reader

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 3, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Petrol is frustrated with the positive press from the roadster in space and it wants to repeat some utter BS to the point that it will reverse that positive PR. Feels that if it repeats nonsense enough it will overcome the problem with "any press being good press."

    But look at how utterly stupid and insulting the claims are and take note of the shill rags and authors that push it. You have to be seriously stupid to buy any of it and this holds even at the corner of the eye low level head line background noise level.

    1. Tesla wasn't aiming for a landing on Mars.
    2. A low probability impact is a million years away even by the risk weighting liability theory
    of possible magnitude of damage needing to amplify precautions despite lower risk
    3. If humans go to Mars they will introduce Earth bound bacteria regardless.
    4. Planted bacteria would have to make a difference and one that was actually negative.
    5. Bacteria from Earth would have to survive the vacuum of space, its temp and cosmic
    rays for a million years and do so in a sterile environment.
    6. There are bacterial that can do this but they may well be everywhere.

    Turns out Tardigrade extermophiles can actually handle this type of stuff. These microscopic 6 legged bear like beasts are every where on planet Earth and even inside our bodies. Seems in some ways that they are the most evolved things we know of. You'd have to land them on the surface of the sun before they became uncomfortable. Seems like they may be raining down from space all the time. They'd have not problem riding a rock to impact with the Earth's surface and surviving. They simply go to sleep in space. Irradiate them, cook them, freeze them, dehydrate, super pressurize them, speed the clock up on them- no problem at all, they are better than any X Men etc- do all this at once, they grow a shell and go to sleep and then just come back to life when needed. But just as they might cruz on down to the surface of the earth from space like it was nothing, some event like a volcanic explosion might send them high enough under fading grasp of the gravitational inverse square law given their size where they might float on over to Mars from Earth (maybe the physics here are a stretch- not sure) but they also might be like pan spermia already raining down on Mars and Earth all the time from deep space. Supposedly a Russian craft found bacteria from space on the hull of one of its craft recently. We know under proteins (Hoyle type stuff) are out there like dust.

    I've heard people like Wilczek saying the path of evolution is to go small and go cold- these things have already done this- but guessing he means go even smaller.

    But the whole point of this and the stupid writers and shill rags that support it is to try to make Tesla look incompetent, like the stupid late claims they make. Nothing is more incompetent or stupid or short sighted or dangerous or in need of utter disruption than the than the so called Petrol Fuel/energy industry. Its such projection.

    Need to start publishing tracer articles that track the stupidity and depravity of sites like Jalopnic with money tracking if possible with the names of the writers and the time line for how many times they've put out utterly false disproved tripe and false predictions- attach their track record so they can be spam filtered. Their record of discredit needs to follow them. The Tesla critics in general have been discredited.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Tesla is going to contaminate space. This stuff is so stupid. Its the petrol industry trying to project dirtiness or pollution onto its clean replacement. Jalopnik and I guess news week and other shill rags need a Google pop up or flag in the search listing that says "this entity is paid to tell lies!- in bright red." Earth bacteria is going to contaminate space.... the range of risks are so infinitesimal. What its going to trick us into thinking there is life on another planet (ah no) or that it will really harm the life on another planet- good luck when man want to colonize it not prime directive it.

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