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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by SMR, Dec 5, 2019.

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  1. SMR

    SMR New Member

    Considering the Niro EV (also looking at Kona EV but I do like the extra room & cargo space of Niro). Not happy that the winter package option (battery warmer & heat pump) only comes with leather interior - was hoping for a more environmental option like cloth or fake leather, especially in an EV. Poor marketing IMO.

    Wondering if any Niro EV drivers in snowy climates (using snow tires) can comment on how the vehicle handles in poor winter conditions? (Happy to hear from Kona EV drivers re: winter handling too!)
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  3. TheHellYouSay

    TheHellYouSay Member

    If you're buying up north, they offer plenty of the entry level trim Niro EVs with battery warmer and heat pump. Makes them cost about $1,500 more and then you get the eco-friendly non-leather seats, complete with freaking MANUAL adjustments!
  4. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    I have a Kona ev and I live in Quebec where the winter is often harsh. The car handles winter conditions very well and is rock solid on the road.

    I think the weight of the battery and its low center of gravity plays a big factor in this.

    Of course depending on your climate your choice of winter tires can be a factor. I would expect the Niro to be as good as as the Kona since both are quite similar.
  5. SMR

    SMR New Member

    That would be a great option, though it seems Canadian trim models lose the battery warmer, heat pump & heated seats. It's too bad Kia doesn't offer a model in between the trim and top like Hyundai does for the Kona.
  6. SMR

    SMR New Member

    Thanks Francois, that's great to hear! Yes, I agree the Niro EV would probably handle similarly. Congrats on your Kona EV! It looks like an excellent car––still on my short-list :)
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  8. niro525

    niro525 Member

    Must be poor marketing. I'm looking at my car sticker for the EX Premium and it says non-animal leather the first line under Cabin. It definitely feels like fake leather.
  9. Yes. It is synthetic leather in the premium trim. I chose the Niro for the cargo space. I saw something about the comparison on a video review, and then seeing it in person in both, wow, HUGE difference. The Kona does claim higher efficiency, but another review talked about the steering feeling somewhat jittery at higher speeds. So, Niro it is. The color selection is not as good though....I have had it 10 days and am quite happy.
    One nice thing in the Kona is the monitor is mounted higher so the driver can see it more easily. Kinda like the Model 3 (but much smaller screen of course!)
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  10. I live in Vermont, and have studded tires on it for about a month. It handles well and regeneration and brakes work well together. I live up a hill, which is paved. The hard part is my street comes in at 90°, and is a blind corner. So one has to slow down to under ten, and then the road goes up steeply. I have made it up in two snow storms so far. The biggest difference from an ICE car, is that one doesn't have to worry about stalling out as one makes the turn. Have not have a problem it spinning tires.
  11. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    I don't think it's synthetic leather in the premium trim. My window sticker has two columns - the left-hand column shows the features for the regular EX trim, and mentioned cloth and synthetic leather trim. Then the second column describes the features that are added for the Premium trim, which shows 'Heated and Ventilated Leather Seats'. So, I think the regular EX has synthetic leather but the Premium has real leather.

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  13. Looking at my window sticker (still have it since I just purchased 11 days ago) you are right. It sure does not FEEL like leather (but then I have never had a car with leather seats before). They must process the crap out of it. They look nice, and feel good too, just not what I think of as leather.
  14. SMR

    SMR New Member

    Definitely sounds like a tricky corner––great to hear the car is handling so well.
  15. SMR

    SMR New Member

    Talked to a couple Kia salespeople who say it is leather but that Kia (& pretty much all car companies) save costs on non-luxury vehicles by using cheaper grade leather & only applying it to the seat backs, and that the majority of the seat's surfaces are synthetic. In any case, wish I could opt for all synthetic or cloth & still get the winter-friendly (& safety assist) options.

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