Confused Inside Business article: urinate, defecate, or get off the pot

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by bwilson4web, Jul 1, 2019.

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    A fixation on Tesla deliveries is pointless. More deliveries should take a back seat to Tesla's decision about focusing on premium versus mass-market sales.

    On one hand, the author complains Tesla sells too many luxury vehicle (that have high profits) and should sell down scale vehicles (with lower profits.) This is really a confused article. Perhaps Inside Business should make a lower priced subscription limited to the Trumpian vocabulary. All fun aside, this is one of the most confused articles they've published about Tesla.

    Bob Wilson
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    Then I found:

    John Hanna . . . ordered a Model 3 Tuesday evening and drove it home the following afternoon. He paid about $69,000 for a Performance version of the sedan, and the Denver-area store he picked it up from was bustling with buyers.

    A devoted customer paying handsomely for a new car might seem far from worrisome. But since 2015, the telecom executive had been driving a Model S, sales of which have started slumping after years without a major redesign. Hanna was waiting to buy a refreshed version of the Model S but sold his car to a private party—and got the high-end Model 3 instead.

    So now there are two Tesla customers, one with a new Model 3 and the other with a used Model S. Yet here they go mumbling about Model S sales while the refresh is in progress. What terrifies them is 6 weeks from now when the Q2 financials come out.

    Bob Wilson

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