Condition Monitoring with External Vibration Sensors

Discussion in 'General' started by tedd67, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. tedd67

    tedd67 New Member

    This is something, I am not good at all and I apologize in advance also.
    I have Tesla Model S was just thinking about using some external vibration sensor for condition monitoring which I bought for my test project, to use it with my car to test the vibration readings.
    Well, I am familiar with coding so can make this sensor work but also need to confirm about the theoretical measure should learn and aware while working on this kind of solution. There is some Raw data output but looking for sample formulas which will help me to observe the exact real-time data for motors it is using. Any suggestions to make it work will be very useful.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

  4. tedd67

    tedd67 New Member

    Hey, can you provide me some sample codes? as I am looking for the calculations performed to test the solution?
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I would recommend contacting the vendor directly. I was not doing a vibration analysis.

    Bob Wilson

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