Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Suzanne Roth, Mar 23, 2021.

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  1. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    I sent this message to Hyundai today: "I am requesting compensation for the inconvenience of multiple recalls/inspections/updates. This morning I brought in my 2019 Kona for its 3rd recall inspection/update. I have owned it for 17 months. For the first two recall inspections, I had to leave the vehicle for the entire day. Now I have to leave it for 48 hours for three different recall/updates. Complimentary Lyft rides are provided, but this is not adequate compensation for the inconvenience. I have had to cancel two appointments. 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging is requested. Hyundai should extend this to all affected Kona owners. Furthermore, the value of the Kona EV is greatly affected. The end of lease purchase price should be reduced. (My brother purchased the 2019 Kia Nero. His vehicle has had no recalls or updates. No inconvenience. I wish I had purchased the Kia EV). I look forward to hearing from you."
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  3. Not sure why your car was at Hyundai for so long. I had four recalls done and every time I was at the dealer waiting for it to be done. Never longer than 2 hours. And actually at 3 different dealerships. (Thanks to covid-19 we had to move 3 times last year) Just saying. I feel like your dealer has terrible time management.
  4. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    same here -- I've had 3 Recalls/Service Campaigns done over the last year and every time I just left the car they provided a LYFT home & then again to pick up car a couple hours later. Maybe a different skill set at various service centers or understaffed? Will be interesting how long they keep it for RECALL 200 (full HV battery pack replacement.)
  5. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    Yes I definitely agree. Very poor time management. Also, I do not believe they have a sufficient number of techs trained to work on EV’s. My dealer is in San Diego County.
  6. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    Agree, different skill set at service centers. I do get LYFT ride. Last year at the time of my 1st recall service, I got the impression there was only one EV tech. The dealer has a scheduling Management problem. I firmly believe that our vehicles have been devalued due to these recalls. It is interesting that the KIA Niro also made in South Korea has had NO recalls.
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  8. Kias use a battery from a different manufacturer.
  9. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    I also believe it has greatly devalued the Kona EV. Our dealer has never taken over 1 hour for any of the recalls. Many auto manufacturers have issued recalls to their fleets. Look at the airbag recalls. Huge expense to Takata. 67 million airbags recalled. Also different but serious safety concerns. Most of Hyundai's recalls could have been prevented if they had chosen to do updates over the air such as Tesla. Poor choice. Our recalls, battery replacement excluded, could have done as software updates without interruption of use of the car. I believe you definitely have a point about your local dealer being slow. Even if they only had one tech, an appointment should have remedied that. I'm also a bit irritated at being asked to come in for servicing and oil change. This is sloppy.

    With all that, I still feel the Kona EV is incredible. New, leading edge technology, pushing the boundaries of what we expect out of our cars. With any machine there are going to be failures. We still love to drive it and feel we have an edge on safety. I have worked in Traffic Engineering Safety researcher for a good share of my career. I would not have bought this car had I not thought it to be one of the safest.
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  10. I have no complaints in this neck of the woods. I've never had to wait more than 3 hours for a service or recall and luckily they are only a 5 minute walk from my home. The scale of the operation however would be miniscule compared to the high volume of services performed daily in the San Diego market, where it happens I used to live.
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  11. Well I have a Kona like yours (2018/8) and it has been waiting for a replacement battery since mid December. Hyundai NZ have provided a rental ICE car but I do miss the EV !
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  13. At least you're at the front of the queue. Having the Kona sit outside on the local dealers small and dusty service lot for months would drive me nuts and there is already an ICE Kona missing an engine taking up the only safe parking spot. I'll keep the charge level <90% on mine so it lasts until a replacement pack is available.
  14. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    There is your answer. Early in year one of ownership,I took mine to a dealership closer to home.Disaster,and they had a non certified tech.touch it. Hyundai should be prepared to send a field tech.for support,not just have a dealer with limited training call the brake recall,I noticed they had no fix after reading this has been the case for all of us on this forum.The "good"dealer didn't even tell me I had just left my vehicle for hours,and it couldn't be fixed.WHY did they want me to bring it in for a recall Hyundai can't repair.

    Once more BEVs ship,Hyundai will improve the dealer network's ability to repair,and OTA will help with not having to bring an EV in for the software updates.
  15. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    USA is sending gift cards:rolleyes:
  16. The Kona is back at home now. Almost forgot how good it is! I have to say that Hyundai NZ and Brendan Foot have been very good, even though it has taken over four monthds since it bricked itself in mid December post BMS recall I was kept informed about the replacement battery shipping status and provided with a rental car. Planning on getting a series 2.
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  17. Scratch 1 off the list, only 81,999 to go;)
    Happy to hear everything finally worked in your favor, must be a pleasant change to be driving electric once again
    Is it possible to post a photo of the battery label form the rear portion of the pack showing part#, manufacture date and BMS ROM ID,(for those of us who like to keep track of these things)?
    Its usually on the left side behind the rear suspension...but of course in your case in may be on the opposite.:D
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
  18. IMG_3562.jpeg It is on the left side of one very shiny new battery. Now I know how to take pictures one-handedly :) Thought it might say LG or SK but alas no.
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  19. Interesting that it's four months old already. Given that the label is for the "pack" assembly which is not carried out by either cell manufacturer, I wouldn't expect it to be adorned with either of those brands.
  20. That makes sense! From a surfeit of caution I’ve set the max charge in settings on both AC and DC to 90% until I hear more about how well the new batteries perform. Maybe conservative but staying mobile!
  21. Pobre

    Pobre Member

    Any update on how the dealer responded to your email? we know about the $200 gift ard. but is there anything else they offered you? My dealership is in Inland Empire, but they dont give a $h1# about the customers in my experience with them.
  22. Suzanne Roth

    Suzanne Roth Member

    I received my $200. virtual gift card. It is my impression that battery replacement will be long time coming, if ever. I was very surprised that person in NZ received replacement in April. I just received a case # with Customer Service (Hyundai contracts out this service). I do not want to keep my leased Kona at its reduced capacity. I am not interested in any of their incentive offers.
  23. That person in NZ had his Kona out of action because the battery management software update last November shut the car down shortly afterwards. As I understand it your car still operates. Mine did not and I am glad Hyundai got it running again.
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