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    I think they are referring to having the climate control system kick on ahead of departure (while the charging system is still plugged into external power) so that when you come out the car is pre-warmed up. I 'think' the heater pulls off the main battery, so the charger would be replenishing the battery at that time and result in minimal loss to range.
  2. I look at Regen as similar to down-shifting a manual ICE car. Never had a problem in icy conditions when doing that.
  3. Well, will see. Regen 3 is pretty strong, more so than just letting off the throttle on a manual, I think. To be safe, I will test it when the time comes. The last manuals I drove were RWD, so no loss of steering then.

    We have some pretty steep hills here, and when going down those on black ice, it can be pretty tricky. I know with my ICE car (AWD CVT), had to go really slow (with ABS sounding), and trying to find some grip on the side with my right wheels.

    It is my wife that I am more worried about. I don't know if ABS operates with regen, and I don't want her to lose steering control going down a black ice hill. At least I know ABS works with manual pedal brakes.
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    I too am worried when my wife is driving my car. But I generally feel this way all the time, not just when I think of winter. :)

    Just kidding... almost.

    I can remember letting her drive my Elantra on December 2012, just one day after I had bought the car. When she handed the car back to me, it smelled of burnt rubber. I asked her about what happened and she said that she got caught in a foot of snow while parked and that she had a tough time getting out of it. She did not understand that in those situations you're best to press the button which turns off the slippery road assistance. My brand new car smelled horrible for a couple days after that. :)
  5. Another cold wx tip is to turn on the Winter mode in the settings.
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    I think if your applying the brakes and the ABS kicks on, i would think that regen would be disengaged.
    Also i would think if regen is applying the brakes and kicks in the ABS, then once the wheels are stabilized, i would think it would lessen the regen cuz prior it had engaged the ABS.
    My prev Ioniq had brake regen and i hardly noticed more occurances of the ABS kicking in under crappy conditions. If anything i found the electric drivetrain more smoother in crappy snow covered roads cuz of the lack of old school transmission shifts which can make the tires spin.
    I hope that makes sense.
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    Yes, that's exactly what I meant. In the menus you can schedule a departure for a specific time, and specify the temp the car should be at then. As long as the car is plugged in it will use mains power to heat the cabin. So you leave with a pre-warmed cabin, and a full battery.
  8. 24F this morning. With the climate control set to 68F, I got a whopping 2.0 miles/kWh on my commute to work :( . I wonder how much of that is due to climate control usage and how much is due to battery efficiency in cold weather?
  9. This screen on your infotainment unit should help answer your question.

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    How long is your commute? I got 2.9 on my 50 mile commute this morning with an avg. 15F outside. I have been getting 3.2-3.5 in 30-40F, and around 3.8-3.9 when it's >50F.
    I was halfway expecting not to exceed 2.5, but I was pleasantly surprised actually, considering the temp. Climate was on at 68F, driver only, as was seat and steering wheel heat. My commute is about 70% highway and 30% local. And I do ~70-75MPH on the highway.
  11. My commute is about 10 miles of city driving. In the warmer months when I don't use the heater, I averaged 5.2 miles/kWh
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    Today, we had our first cooler day of the season.. (for Florida standards). In the morning, we were at 55F (13C) and on the way home, it was 70F (21C). I did NOT run the heater nor did the battery heater come on but my average mi/kwh was about 0.5 mi/kwh worse than I usually get in warm weather.. Not sure why I was using more energy to move the car despite lack of heater or battery heater use??? Weird.. I usually get 5.5 to 6.0 mi/kwh on the way to work and today I got 5.0.. On the way home, I usually get 5.0 mi/kwh and today I got 4.5 mi/kwh.
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    Anything under 15c and the range is going to get impacted. Especially when driving history was above those temps.
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    Well, I was only 2 C below that temperature and it was around 21C on the way home.. Why would it impact range if neither heater nor battery care came on? I checked on both, my way to work and my way home.. Only energy consumption was from electronics and motor.
  15. My GOM went UP by 14km today just by virtue of sitting in the sun. These cars are very sensitive to temperature changes. Literally a degree of temperature is measurable in range change.
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    Im just going by what i read about the 15c threshold and from my personal experience.
    Even if temps go up, the battery pack still retains that coldness.
    My best range gom was about 470km but now with bitter temps like last night here, -17c. My full charge was showing 360km today.
    Plus im running in winter mode now.
  17. Don't forget that cooler air is more dense, so more drag. Not sure just how much diff this makes, but might be a possible explanation. Also the PSI on your tires will drop a bit, and add to your rolling resistance.
  18. Virtually identical to mine.
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    This morning, it was warmer and instead of 55F/13C, we had 64F/17C and my normal mi/kwh returned.. Got 5.8 mi/kwh on my way to work..
  20. One thing I've noticed when using the heater, fan speed is just as important as temperature setting. I've been keeping the temp at 68 F, fan on lowest setting and seat heater on lowest setting and have been pretty comfortable even with an outside temp of 17 F. Range still took a big hit but it could have been much worse.
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