Clunking Vibration type sound

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by blakehaas, Oct 22, 2019.

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  1. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    My kona has started making this sound:
    I have 1600 miles on it.

    I looked online and it sounds identical to this:

    I am super disappointed to have this issue. I hate having problems with cars and I'm pretty sure this will be a nightmare to fix for me since I'm located in Minnesota and the car isn't sold here. Going to need MASSIVE evidence to have it fixed as my dealership has no idea about this car.
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  3. (Great audio recording) That is a first reported on this forum if you are referring to the popping sound starting at 0:34 (I thought it was strictly applicable to the Niro).
    Perhaps you could send that clip to a Hyunda dealer as close as possible to your location, hopefully they can communicate with Hyundai corp given the distance you would have to travel for repairs.
    Good luck - keep us informed.
  4. Are we referring to the"Wheel of Fortune" sound buried under the VESS? If so, ya, that would bug me too.
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  5. I now have a considerable interest in this thread. I was not looking (listening) for it but occurred this morning.
    After driving about 40 km , shut off the car then restarted about 15 minutes later when I heard the popping sound over the VESS (sunroof open and all windows open about 3/4 inch).
    It happened as I started to gradually accelerate to about 20 km/h and then the noise stopped. I pulled over and restarted but the popping sound did not re-occur after that.
    So at this point it is intermittent and will have to wait and see if it re-occurs. There is no point taking the car to the dealer at this stage (only noticed it once) but I will mention it to the service tech.
    The manufacture date is Dec 22/18, Kona Ultimate model , 5244 km.
    Car has been great to this point with no noticeable/unusual drive train sounds .

    MLKFLOT New Member

    Sorry to hear you’re having issues. The noise in the video is the exact noise I described in the thread “Disappointed “.
    I am about to post an update there.
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  8. doggyworld

    doggyworld Active Member

    Just curious, but do you notice the noise in the car? I don't think I'd even notice that. Do you have to have your windows down to notice it?
  9. When I noticed it the windows were open a bit and the sunroof was open as well, and has not re-occurred since yesterday. I don't think having the windows open is necessary as it seemed to be coming from the firewall/floor area. Sounds like the wav. file blakehaas supplied.
  10. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Agreed, the later .wav recording is quite good.

    What's interesting about this is it doesn't seem to be strictly load-dependent,
    i.e. it can come and go under consistent acceleration, or even constant
    speed. You'd expect a bad bearing or something to be at least somewhat
    affected by torque.

    It's also gotta be somewhere around the motor, as the wheels certainly
    weren't rotating that fast. Supported by "coming through the firewall /
    floor", i.e. low down.

    Blake, if there's a way you can clamp your stereo mics in meaningful
    locations down near the motor, on various axes, you might be able to
    localize it in a few short runs. Listening on headphones, I got a pretty
    good soundstage of your under-hood.

  11. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    ... and after reading some of the other forum horror stories, when the F is HKMC
    going to issue a TSB about this??

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  13. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    I've tried putting the recorder lower to try and isolate where it's coming from. It seems to sound the same as when I place the recorder on the top of the motor mount.
    Here is a recording with no Vess.

    Attached Files:

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  14. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    Yea, it made it easier to hear the issue.

    I dropped the car off at the dealership. They said they may keep it until Monday. I left instructions for them on how to reproduce. Now its just a waiting game. I bet i wont hear anything till monday.
  15. Hopefully they diagnose the problem, order the gearbox and let you drive your car while it is being shipped.
  16. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    Update on the issue.
    The dealership can reproduce the problem. They of course have no idea what is causing it. They are going to refer to their hyundai engineer out of Chicago on monday to see what they think the problem is.

    I told them about some of the other cars with the same issue and referred them to the medicine hat alberta hyundai for reference to see if they agree its the same issue (hint it is). They didnt seem thrilled that I provided all that info but hopefully it gets passed along and we skip some wasted time.

    Will update monday with engineer findings.

    MLKFLOT New Member

    I can’t get over the negative reaction you’re getting from your dealership. Btw, where are you?
    I’ve now done about 150km since the g/box was fitted and so far it’s sounding great although I’m a bit dubious about how long it will last, bearing in mind the original g/box was good initially.
  18. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    They aren't being condescending or anything. I can just see that im overwhelming them with information and they probably hear 30 times a day what someone thinks the problem is and are like ok, yep we'll look into it. I'm sure they are a decent shop. Im just doing a lot of hovering and partially doing their job and they are probably a little off-put by it. Most customers are very hands off and fully unaware of any problems their cars have so they just let the guys do their thing. Its a bit different with me knowing a lot about this issue when they are in the dark.

    There are some kona drivers that have over 40k miles on their cars, so hopefully there are good gearboxes out there. Time will tell but thankfully we have a wonderful warranty.
  19. Did you leave the VESS disconnected or did you re-connect the plug before taking it in?
    Also did they let you keep the car to drive or give you a loaner?
  20. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    Disconnected. If they ask, I'll say it was so they could hear the problem better.
    They have my car until monday. I have no loaner. I'll find out monday if i get to take the car back or if i get a long term loaner.
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  21. Seeing as this has already happened, I don't see it coming soon:

    guess we will have to wait for flying swine
  22. blakehaas

    blakehaas Member

    Update. Dealership called. The engineer said I need a new reducer gear. Part is back-ordered till November. They are keeping the car and giving me a loaner.
    So im thinking 2-3 weeks and we will see if the install fixes the issue. Will update in a few weeks.
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