Clue to how fake news and pension rigging work to undermine Green Technology

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Think of what the US has lost since 1970. Granted there have been social and some forms of political gain but the wage slavery has been cranked way way up.

    In 1970 a single income job would have good security and be enough to support 5 kids and pay off a home. There was no medical bankruptcy and no worry of it. Retirement was a given at age 64.School was affordable and there was no real student loan debt. There was still social mobility and each generation had been better off than the prior one for a while.

    But post Powell memo and the petrol kleptocracy things started changing radically for the worse.

    Became aware of a Southern California Public Pension fund being radically over invested in petrol. During the crash they lost 1/3 of the value. After they doubled down on petrol apparently to the tune of 50% of the fund although they claim they can't count their petrol exposure. Learned that they put 17% of the fund in foreign derivatives (blind debt which insures petrol) by using a Cayman Islands law firm- I mean how transparent is that. It was an 8 billion dollar fund, presumably the officers that pulled that scam off got millions in kick backs. When they were asked about their investments they bragged about being in cattle (code for oil.) So what they are really is a hedge for their rich petrol patrons so they shirk their fiduciary duty and invest in a way that will cushion the fall of petrol barons and allow them to walk on the faces of ordinary people by stealing their pensions. Very similar to how under W. a change in the tax code allowed them to claim any 'savings' as profit as CEO bonuses and they reached into retirement accounts that employees had paid for to steal them.

    Now this same shill pension fund is making bad investments and yearly passing on permanent increases to the pensioners that come straight out of their pay checks- they quite apparently charging the pensioners of the privilege putting their pensions at risk and passing along losses. Its appears to be purely criminal. They also act like they are giving pensioner money to politicians who favor stealing pensions. Remember during Bush, he wanted to privatize social security while at the same time they were stealing out of private pension accounts. Now they use the argument that they have successfully stolen by colluding and the Fortune 1000 private retirements and should be able to do this with public pensions. This is like how they now call investment or capex losses- anything that doesn't go as useless profit to credit card that can't be paid off useless back seat driver owners is considered a loss. The people who created this system are supposed to be in jail. Take a hard look at people like Ajit Pai and Scott Pruitt- how are they running agencies and not facing prosecution- same goes about every Republican in the US Congress and Senate and a lot of phony democrats.

    So the theory is they run a bunch of paid lie fake news (e.g. Car and Driver saying larger battery Model 3 only went 200 miles because it was cold- even when its very popular in Norway because that doesn't happen) and then also uses these pension funds they hold hostage to dump at strategic times to try to get legitimate investors to flee so they can try to stave the firm's access to capital markets. This is all the protect the 400 billion in pure welfare that goes to support the obsolete US petrol system. From their point of view it must be treason not to support the US T bills by investing in petrol. Since 1970 USG in today's dollars has likely handed about 20 trillion in US tax dollars to the backwards canabalistic, catabolic petrol industry (backwards property models too- tries to create royalty) but with Tarp alone it was 20 trillion and think about all the useless petrol bailouts known as wars. We should have been done with petrol in 1950. Even worse than petrol's climate change is its economics.

    You can really see how 400 billion a year in lost public sector monies would really hollow out society. But of course as part of the Powell memo they targeted civil right leaders and weakened Union law even further and coopted Unions with agency shops and they also delinked wages from a inflation which was a pure recipe for civil war. In 1970 75% of the GDP went to the workers now less than 30% to workers who are 4x as productive- all the gains accrued to a parasitic class that should have been retired in 1970.
    By now it should have been a society of millionaires living in perfect ecology. But these are the same fools that put lead in the gasoline unleashing a murder wave and IQ drop centered in the inner cities likely as part of the lead of to cointel pro.
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