Clock resetting - no apparent pattern

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Wyldstyle, Apr 8, 2023.

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  1. Wyldstyle

    Wyldstyle New Member

    Hello -
    I have a 2020 Hyundai Kona EV Ultimate and pretty regularly I need to reset the clock on the dashboard computer.
    I haven't obsessed about documenting the occurrences and possible relevant factors; however, I do know that the clock resets occur between chargings, which suggests my charger is not a root cause.
    • My model has a battery warmer - given the sporadic way that kicks in maybe that's related?
    • My model also has a heat pump although that feature seems unrelated.
    • My charger is a Enel X Juicebox Pro 40 - although observations that the clock resets between chargings suggest this isn't a factor.
    I did consult my local dealer. They have certified EV techs but service experience is limited since the Kona EV is still not sold in MN and limited numbers of IONIQs.
    For the record, we are THRILLED with the car and how well it has performed in MN cold temps. Had a great time driving it from purchase location in CA back to our home in MN . . . well, except the blizzard in NE :(
    Aside: Favorite 'Ultimate' model features: air conditioned seats and auto windshield wipers :)

    So, the clock issue is only a nuisance and just wondering if anyone else has it and knows what's causing it.
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  3. hieronymous

    hieronymous Active Member

    Hi WyldStyle, welcome to the forum. I've had my Kona 4 years, no issues, it's a keeper!
    Sounds like you have an odd problem, don't recall any other posts. What are your time settings? I have GPS time turned On, 24 hour time display, Daylight Saving just turned off this past week. Always accurate..
    If you use GPS time, maybe your GPS is faulty. Does your satnav work OK?
    Are your incorrect times random, or to some pattern?
    Any Info may be useful..
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  4. Did you buy one of the AU/NZ versions? My early Irish/EU base model doesn't have any sort of GPS or telematics. It remains unaware of the world around it.
  5. Wyldstyle

    Wyldstyle New Member

    Hi - my navigation is working. Now that the weather is milder here in Minnesota it hasn't happened again. During the winter I have it in winter mode so that makes me wonder if it happens when the battery warmer kicks in?
  6. I've never heard of this issue before and many, many members, including me, have winter mode activated. So, while you can't eliminate it as a cause, it is safe to say that it would be an anomaly if that was the case.
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