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  1. I'm a long time EV driver ('12 Leaf, '14 Leaf, '16 Kia Soul EV, '15 Leaf, '11 Think City). The Kia lease is almost up, and we're serious about a Kona EV.

    The Leaf and Soul EV have phone apps that let you remotely turn on climate control, which is a great feature. Does that exist for the Kona EV?

    If so, do you need to be plugged in to turn on CC, as in the Soul (annoying), or can you be unplugged, as in the Leaf (great)?
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    You register with BlueLink (free for 5 yrs in Canada with purchase of Kona EV). BlueLink has an app that allows remote control of things like climate, horn, locks. You don't need to be plugged in to remotely control the features.
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    BlueLink reports state of charge which I find useful. I’m surprised that my juice box level 2 charger does not. Does anybody know if level 2 chargers get the charge state from the car or are they dumb about this?
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    Our Charge Point charger shows us this: Screenshot_20190222-171656_ChargePoint.jpg Screenshot_20190222-171656_ChargePoint.jpg

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    Is that charging time right? You only got 292km in 16 hours and 54min of Level 2 charging? Isn't it supposed to fully charge in 9 hours and 35min on Level 2?
  6. CJC

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    Those are top up amounts I think. We aren't setting a timer yet. Right now it is showing 444 km. on Charge Point. BlueLink is showing 97% charge and 411 km. We aren't pro's yet--just learning the ropes. Screenshot_20190222-211546_ChargePoint.jpg Screenshot_20190222-211800_BlueLink.jpg
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    Ok cool, I'm just trying to learn myself as I haven't done a full charge on my charger yet. I was under the impression that it does around 40km per hour of charge on level 2 chargepoint. Your last picture of 91km in 2 hours and 10min seems to follow that!!! Are your top ups usually when the battery is at 80% or higher? Good to see the differences in charging time based on the level of battery!
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    Nothing consistent is happening yet. We tried to let it run down to below 50% once and charge it. At this point I would describe us as monkeying around with no reason or rhyme. lol The Kona is in an unheated garage while being charged. I think when summer comes we will get amazing mileage. We have the C-Max PHEV and in the warm weather we get amazing mileage--something like 1.8 litres per 100 kilometres and now in winter it is 2.6 litres per 100 kilometres. I am a pro hypermiler. Our first hybrid was bought in 2013 and I love trying to see how far I go in the PHEV before buying any gas. Usually about every 6-8 weeks. My husband would shake his head when I would keep the heat off in the PHEV and turn on the seat heat to get better mileage, but I love the challenge.
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    Any idea how much it will cost to use Bluelink after? I know they have different plans, but I'll just want to use it to pre-condition the battery and interior
  10. Here is a 2011 lineup from consumer reports:
    bluelink prices
    Not sure how current it is. Couldn't find pricing on the Hyundai page.

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