Click bait and shorts are the fringe not the core of the problem

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 7, 2018.

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    The core of the problem is sponsorship which is straight bribery in practice with the actual aim of censorship- has almost nothing to do with moving product, moving product is a cover. Of course it looks slightly indirect to try to hide what is happening but it is very obvious. Imagine some sites constantly name dropping 'Satan." They naturally get ads from organizations supported by or organizations which are part of the Church of Satan!
    Its not superstition its payola. But understand its pay for lies, it is getting paid to spread lies and lies aimed at creating widespread victim-hood. And in the case of mainstream media there are really only about 6 entities in the US and they try to quote each other to create the appearance of consensus or a phony consensus- they shill each other. Cramer cited Saccanoghi recently on Tesla and it was really an ad for trying to rehabilitate a shill analyst.
    Its Chomsky's "manufacturing consent."

    The real depravity in this is allowing sponsor captured media as there is no greater conflict of interest. The US didn't always allow this, it used to force media to cover elections for free or lose access to the airway as a commons and would yank charters for news entities if they didn't firewall off entertainment. Current arrangement means people lose their political voice to a sponsor filter, and sponsors get to preempt elections and sponsor law with pure bribery and purchased law is: law as crime. If you want a society where people aren't trying to control each other money and where money and power aren't completely fungible in a might-makes-right fashion you never allow this basic corruption through this most egregious conflict of interest. To me these are the least respectable people in society because they literally get paid almost without exception (the worst ones tell the truth to build credibility to push the strategic lie- suspect Lambert does this stuff) to mislead the public about the public interest or to victimize the majority of the public or to dis-empower the average person against the powerful.

    The next level of conflict of interest but so incredibly hypocritical are these phony analysts who work for financial firms that have huge petrol derivative investments that will collapse their entire firm if, for instance, Tesla is successful. This is like having demons pontificate on the virtues of Satan and taking it as if it were unbiased information they profess that it is. Of course the demons will tell you over and over again they are unbiased- self referential testimony.

    And then of course because the internet is shifting the narrative more to conversations between people and having more anonymous conversations as well, the shill media is losing the narrative so they do pay people to go in and spread FUD and try to time it to their so-called 'mainstream' FUD because fool/shill media thinks its job is shaping the opinion of the populace to conform to the needs and will of an obsolete capital/employer class.

    Then you have shorts working with all of the above and quite possibly paying people to write FUD to help manipulate shares. I think this becomes more of issue when short positions are about to be wiped out think Einhorn and others and all the FUD they desperately generate on the way down the drain. Wonder if Chanos will succumb to this kind of stuff. Getting Enron right doesn't prevent senility.

    In today's podcast on eletrek Fred and Seth on elektrek good cop bad cop this stuff but Fred's point is ridiculous as in: oh this shilling for billionaires isn't going on etc., when it is so obvious it is. Then Fred went on about V2G. Fine if you want to vehicle to your home but not to create a situation to support a fossil fuel grid, point is to cut the cord on rent seeking.
    Doing so gives us more green outcomes and more green political power.

    Final thing about current mainstream media especially on Tesla is how transparent and truly unintelligent, ignorant and corrupt they come across as- really idiot media. Musk is right, the joke is on them. There is a medium on clear net that by passes their filter BS- ironically twitter- which only scratches the surface of what is coming to undermine the stupidity of sponsorship or supply side media (which should never have existed.) All their foolish little tricks out of the Nazi press manual, the asinine Machiavellian stuff like trying to paint strengths as weaknesses and trying to repeat lies into truisms isn't going to work. Tesla isn't a cult, petrol is and its a cult of morons and people who cling to buggies.

    Its not paranoid to say that the Kochs or some right side government or GOP group hired a PR firm to run a negative ad campaign against Tesla (modern media is nothing but infomercials) but this actually came out in the captured media as having happened. And it makes perfect sense in a perverse way. A successful Tesla will completely destroy the GOP's money. But again why does it take money to run? Sure the GOP is a big ego, but do we as a people given what the GOP stands for and the impact it has on peoples lives- do we think its has a right of defense? Does crime? Same goes for the dino(s.)
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