Clean grid consideration is irrelevant to choosing BEV over all else!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    In the final analysis it will always ALWAYS be cleaner to buy a full BEV. It will never ever be cleaner to buy a FCV, all things considered FCV is worse than a coal powered vehicle, worst of the worst in every way worse than gasoline for its economic and political ramifications and worse for its damage to the public sector, FCV is a bigger bunch of nonsense than clean coal.

    But there is no sense in buying anything but a BEV at this point because the point is
    is to do maximum economic/political damage to the petrol fuel energy industry in the minimum amount of time, this is best and surest path to the result we needed decades ago.

    You don't do this by letting them sell you an unnecessary redundant ICE engine in PHEV. That allows them to make fringe type arguments in policy discussions. It keeps their factories going. It means policy people are unnecessarily sympathetic to continuing to provision for ICE or treat it like a viable concern when its continued existence is the problem itself. In reality we should have been forcing these firms including the petrol fuel industry to disgorge all its ill-gotten gain profit for decades now and done something retroactive to force it to cover it externality costs in a way that sets the example. We need to set this example and change rule so no industry can ever push around global society like this again.

    Further its not like oil is going to come back on line as a grid electricity supplier, it is terrible for that worse than coal. So even if you have a dirty grid the way forward doesn't allow oil back in as a replacement for coal or NG. And NG is super dirty and is already non competitive any where on the globe, already ridiculously so, so oil or NG won't be replacing the junk we have. And in most places you should be able to get solar on your roof and battery in your garage. We need to decentralize energy- that is radically important to cutting the slavery yoke involved with these industries at all levels- its vital to keeping them from hollowing out your public sector further and pushing more unnecessary useless wars of aggression that put human survival at risk. In the US it appears about half of are tax spending is going to propping up this ball and chain industry 1.3 trillion,, imagine what we could do with the difference and it seems largely this drag has been responsible in the US for stealing our quality of life and standard of living and forcing us to way more hours than necessary.

    What I'd like to see happen is states around the world find a way to take back every bit of profit, revenue, subsidy and externality damage from this industry back to 1950- leave out the rank and file employees but hit the estates without limit.
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