Clarity wheel skirt done right...?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Heino, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    I was out shopping today at one of the home improvement stores, when I noticed this car parked one space over from my Clarity.

    Not sure what model it is, as I only took this one picture of the side.

    Should Honda have put a wheel skirt on the front of the Clarity as well, like on this car? :D

    Nah... I like my Clarity the way it looks!

    IMG_0268 B.JPG
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  3. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    Wow, a Nash Metropolitan. I dated a young lady who drove one, back in the 50's. It was the narrowest car I ever saw or drove.
  4. Nash Metropolitan.

    Drat! Ninja’d by seconds.
  5. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    Good effort, though, Almost as Fast Eddie B.
  6. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    My dad, a lifelong car business guy, drove one home for a couple of days back before 1960.
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  8. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness someone animated Beep Beep. I knew all the words and sang along.
  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    At some point when fossil fuel gets too scarse, expensive, taxed, or regulated and non autonomous cars are restricted from most major roadways, there will be a cottage industry for electrifying old classic cars like that one. And then you’ll only see a real gasmobile at parades and county fairs like we do today with the old steam tractors. I’ll store the Clarity in a barn for the great grand kids to have nostalgic fun with one day.
    It’s a brave new world coming up and we are on the leading edge.
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  10. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Wheel skirts can be for style, as on the Nash, or for function, as on the ground-breaking gen-1 Insight (mine's red, too) and the Clarity.
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  12. At a car show at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge back in 2015:


    I recall the owner said it was re-engined with a Japanese 4-cyl, I forget which brand.
  13. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    That's heresy! The Austin Motor Company manufactured the Metropolitan in Britain for the Nash Motor Company (which later became part of American Motors). The proper engine came from the Austin A40:
  14. SThomas219

    SThomas219 Active Member

    They already are but they are not cheap...

    VW should bring back the Beetle as an EV.
  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    How could that article ignore the beautiful, electrified Jaguar XK-E in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan) drove away from their wedding reception? That car was the first of the XK-Es Jaguar is now refitting with electric power. Interestingly (and properly), Jaguar is being careful not to make any changes that would preclude restoring the original ICE to the car at a later date.

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