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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Scottacus, Apr 7, 2018.

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  1. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Hi Ken,

    Have not done that. Probably will bring in the car for service for bogus oil change and mention to the dealer. The ICE does not use up much gas, but it is still annoying when it fires up.
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  3. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    This just in. Talked to a service tech at Keyes Honda in Woodland Hills, CA. I told him that my Clarity Hybrid has about 7,700 miles on it and that the miles on the ICE less than 700 miles. Why does Honda want an oil change with that few miles on the ICE, I asked. It's a hybrid so the engine is turning all the time, he said. No, it's not, I said. He shrugged as if to say, what do you know?
  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Now that I know you live near Woodland Hills, would you consider consulting a Honda dealership in Torrance, American Honda's home? I just googled to find Scott Robinson Honda there. They should have a tighter connection to the company than the bozos you've been dealing with. All the Clarity PHEV nerds on this forum want Honda to figure out and explain to us (and you, too, of course) why your ICE starts up so randomly. Preferably, the explanation would come after the repair.
  5. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    I don't think so. Do you really think they have better insight (no pun intended) than any other dealer?
  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I do think the closest dealer to Honda headquarters would have better insight into your problems. Perhaps send them a letter or email, telling them that you haven't found a Honda dealer service department that had any experience solving Clarity problems and tell them about your experiences with clueless service departments.

    However, I would be surprised if any dealer had the experience needed to solve your problem. It would require the connection of a data-logging device that only the company could provide. My hope is that after hearing your story, a well-connected dealer will know whom to call at the company.
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  8. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    I emailed the Torrance dealer.
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