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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Ben007, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. Ben007

    Ben007 New Member

    I have now been driving my Clarity for 2.5 months and wanted to share the EV performance so far, as this was the main reason for choosing this car.

    Well... It meets and even exceeds the official Honda story.

    As the temperature are now around 20 C here in Quebec, I am in the ‘optimal’ battery performance range and my current autonomy ranges between 85 and 92 km, compared to 76 km announced.

    I have driven 5000 km with the car so far, and as expected, all my normal commute have been in EV mode. As I have made a few out-of-town trips, there has been some HV part as well. Overall, my ‘actual’ fuel consumption has been 1.44 l/100, and considering the electricity consumption, I have calculated an “equivalent” consumption of of 2 l/100 - resulting in a total net saving of 325$ of energy cost, considering the cost of electricity and gas combined, compared to my previous car, a Lexus ES300h (which was already a hybrid with a very low fuel consumption). If I compare with an average SUV on the market, I can state the economy is above 450$. Of course, the fact that electricity cost is very low in Quebec helps.

    The month of May was exceptional as I did not do any out of town driving. I fueled my car at the end of the month to get my stats cost: 2.47$! What a pleasure to feel so independent from petrol. I can say I really smile when I hear people driving these big SUVs complaining about the price of gas going up.

    All that to say that this is achieved while driving a very comfortable car! So I do not regret the <sacrifices> I made on some luxury items like power sunroof, heated steering wheel and ventilated seat... I choose this car to have an environmentally friendly car with no sacrifice on space, range and comfort.

    Finally about the look... I read these many reviews saying this car is ugly... which was not my opinion in any case... but I can tell you I often get remarks that my car is very nice with an original, futuristic look... yes, the rear wheel cover is controversial, but it has a design purpose.

    So Bravo to Honda, I think with this car is a great design achievement from all standpoint.

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