Clarity EV DCFC rates

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JyChevyVolt, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. JyChevyVolt

    JyChevyVolt Active Member

    EVGO has two types of 50kW fast chargers Terra 53 (125A) and BTC (100A).

    33% SOC 314V 101A 31.7kW
    70% SOC 328V 99A 32.5kW
    79% SOC 335V 84A 28.1kW

    I will update with more data.
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  3. JyChevyVolt

    JyChevyVolt Active Member

    On charge point express and Terra 53
    0*-70% SOC 36~40kW
    71-95% SOC 28~27kW
    95%+ SOC, 346V, 2 amp reduction every second.

    It's best to fast charge up to 95%. Clarity EV has about 22kWh usable with about 1-2 kWh reserved.

    *Yes, drove in reduce power mode for 4 miles, uphill!!!!!!!!
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  4. If So Equipped

    If So Equipped New Member

    Screenshot_20190424-103827.jpg Here is a session on ChargePoint Tritium, 125A. Starting @58% SOC. Best I have done is 44kW on EA station. Miles of range is weird.
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Weird is right! That would equate to less than 50 miles on a 100% charge, far short of the nominal EPA range of 89 miles.
  6. If So Equipped

    If So Equipped New Member

    The range was from the ChargePoint app; maybe it was range added or something but the car's GOM was normal.
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  8. The Gadgeteer

    The Gadgeteer Active Member

    Could be some bad data somewhere. 48 miles is the official amount of miles a fully charged Clarity PHEV gets. Could someone have grabbed the wrong value when the app was programmed?
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  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Stickler alert: Isn't the "official" EV range 47 miles, not 48? It says "47-mile all-electric driving range" right below the photo of the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid at the top of Honda's Clarity Plug-In Hybrid web page. The site says: "All Elec: 0-47 mi"
  10. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Coming from Bolt, I thought DCFC (DC fast charging) is only CCS (e.g. Bolt, connector type, standard) or CHAdeMO (e.g. LEAF, connector type, standard), typo in the title? I do not think any Clarity has a DCFC connector or capability.

    Clarity DCFC might be nice, but one of the down sides of Bolt is the relatively high cost of DCFC EV charge stations by time, not by the actual amount of electricity provided.

    Do you mean that some of those stations (e.g. EVgo) also offer regular (AC power) L2 plugs now too?
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  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The OP has a Clarity Electric, which does have a DCFC connector. (FWIW, the Japanese-market Clarity PHEV has one, too.)
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  13. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    I should read more carefully! That is cool that the Japanese PHEV has it, too bad we did not get it here on the PHEV (although DCFC can be more expensive than gas!)
  14. eneka

    eneka Member

    Charged up at a BTC 50kw station. Got there at 7% charge and charged for 35min. Started at around 37.5kw and peaked at 40kw. After my 35min it was showing 60% charge.

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