Clarity - Detailed Road Test Result (HV mode 300+ miles on Highway)

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Rajiv Vaidyanathan, May 15, 2018.

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  1. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    Here's a report on a road test I did yesterday on my Clarity. Although I have made the round trip to the Twin Cities a few times, I decided to keep detailed track of mileage and charging (using ChargePoint chargers) so I could calculate exact energy usage. Here's what I experienced:

    1. I filled up my gas tank and fully charged the vehicle before setting out.
    2. I used EV until I got on the highway ramp, when I switched to HV mode.
    3. Highway driving was almost all at 75 mph except for some normal slowdowns.
    4. My goal was to switch to EV so I reached my destination with minimum EV range. I screwed up my estimation and reached my final one-way destination with about 36 miles of EV range remaining.
    5. I did not refill my gas tank until I got back home (round trip) and barely made it. Low Fuel warning came on with about 50 miles to go, but I still reached my work ChargePoint charger with 14 miles of range left.

    Stage 1: Depart Duluth, MN with 52.3 miles of EV range (picture before putting in gas)

    Stage 2: Arrived in Minneapolis, MN and plugged in vehicle. Used 5.266 kWh to get back to full charge. Parked for the night at a friend's place (no additional charging). At night, I had done 169.2 miles and had 46.7 miles of EV range (used some to drive to his place after full charge)

    Stage 3: Drove back to Duluth, MN in the morning. Low fuel light came on with 2-bars of fuel remaining and 84 miles of reported HV range.

    Stage 4: One bar of fuel left with 47 miles of HV range.

    Stage 5: Put in 6.302 gallons of gas before driving to work. Miles driven up to that point was 327.6. HV range went up to 557 miles after refill of tank.

    Stage 6: Reached work ChargePoint station with 14 miles of EV range left. Total miles done on trip is 328.5. Recharge to full consumed 10.838 kWh.

    MILES DRIVEN: 328.5 (90%+ Highway at 70+ mph)
    Gasoline Consumed: 6.302 gallons
    Electricity Used: 16.104 kWh

    Gas consumption calculation: 327.6/6.302 = 51.98 mpg
    Energy consumption calculation: Converting 16.104 kWh to gallons using the standard 33.7 kWh per gallon leads to equivalent of 0.4779 gallon-equivalent of electricity consumed.
    So, total "gasoline-equivalent" energy consumption = 6.302+0.4779=6.7799.
    Final energy efficiency in mpg = 328.5/6.7799 = 48.45 mpg.
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  3. Can’t see any of the images you linked. You may need to edit permissions on the images or album for us to view and comment.
  4. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member


    Thanks for pointing this out. I think it's fixed. Most counterintuitive setup in media albums. Not only does it give no indication in preview that the pictures are visible to no one, but changing permissions took some searching. Anyway, Thanks!
  5. DVoran

    DVoran Member

    Here's the answer to your question
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  7. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Here’s my take on your pictures of the energy flow. Going in order:

    ICE using generator to provide power to electric motor with no HV battery power being used

    003a ICE physically providing power to wheels by being clutched to gears

    ICE off and battery providing power to motor

    ICE on powering wheels physically along with battery providing power to motor. (Manual unclear as to whether ICE is also providing power to motor when physically linked to gears)
    Interestingly, this flow is not pictured in the manual.

    ICE providing power to motor and charging HV battery

    ICE physically powering wheels and charging HV battery (don’t know if ICE is also sending power to motor)
    Interestingly, this flow is not pictured in the manual

    Guys, please point out any errors so I don’t misinform anyone.
    Energy flow pictures are on p14 of Owner’s Manual.
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