Clarity - Any ideas on a bike Rack?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by cowgomoo, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. cowgomoo

    cowgomoo New Member

    I am considering a PHEV Clarity (recovering Prius and Leaf driver). Any thoughts on how to transport a road bike? My preferred is alway a hitch mount, but not sure that'd work on this car.

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  3. Hitch mount is usually the way to go. However, according to the manual, "Your vehicle is not designed to tow a trailer. Attempting to do so can void your

    I think this is a unique vehicle, so I don't know if a different hitch receiver (say, one that fits the Accord) can be found. Reese does have a multi-fit receiver, though, but I don't know if it would work.
  4. Reno_bk

    Reno_bk New Member

    I've had Yakima landing pads installed on the last two cars ... little "nubs" are installed on the roof, then regular Yakima roof racks mount up. On/off the car in seconds, lockable, super stable. I've had a roof rack on every car I've owned in the last 20 years, and this Yakima solution was my favorite.

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  5. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    If you don't want to put a hitch on the car, then I suggest you Google [sedan bumper mounted bicycle rack], choose the "Images" option, and see if there is anything that looks appealing to you.

    I'm guessing you don't want to use a roof rack, as that would increase the car's drag and thus cut down on its range too much?

    Obviously putting a hitch on the car would make mounting and removing a bike rack far easier, and likely would also be a more secure mounting, plus that would remove any worry about damaging the finish. I'm guessing Honda does not offer a hitch? So I suppose you would need to use a 3rd party hitch... but you already knew that! :)
  6. aapitten

    aapitten Active Member

    I'm looking into hitch options for exactly that purpose. I contacted UHaul (though I'd much prefer a Honda hitch...) They told me they should have one later this year (we will see if that's actually true....)
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  8. v2sj

    v2sj New Member

    I am wondering about this also and like to know before I ready to buy. I asked about bike carrier option at Honda Clarity drive event over the weekend. None of the presenters has any idea, I also asked about hitch option (for bike rack) and they pretty much tell me that the car is not designed for towing. I do agree with the towing part but we all know hitch is not just for towing just like a cigarettle lighter port in the car is not just for light up the cigarette. I took a look at the back of the car but with all the shielding underneath I could not see if there is space to actually add the hitch to the Clarity.

    I did a search on U-Haul site and it looks like they are willing to build one for you for free if you can bring your car to their R&D site in Temp, AZ. They will need your car for 2 to 3 days.

    Your vehicle requires a custom-built hitch

    If U-Haul doesn't have a hitch for your vehicle, nobody does!

    Your vehicle requires a custom-built hitch which we will gladly fabricate for you. If you are able to bring your vehicle to our Tempe, AZ Research & Development facility we'll provide you with a free U-Haul custom trailer hitch, including free installation, and a lifetime unlimited warranty in exchange for the use of your vehicle to fabricate the trailer hitch. We'll need the vehicle for two to three days. If you are interested in this offer please complete the form below and we'll contact you to schedule your appointment. This offer is only valid until one customer per vehicle can fulfill our requirements.

    Need a trailer hitch, but can't come to Tempe, AZ for a fabrication?

    Please complete the form below, we'll contact you with trailer hitch options for your vehicle.
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  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Best wishes on your quest and please let us know if you get it done and post some pix. I would also be very interested how this affects the aerodynamics and therefore mpg especially at highway speeds.

    If you just need a bike for short urban commutes as in when you get to work, have you considered a small wheel folding bike? Not as good a choice as a full size but just might fit in the trunk w seats down.
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  10. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Every car shopped in the 6 months I have been told that the this car cannot tow. There are hitches on the market for them and if I bought the exact same car in another country where the car is physically the same the answer would have changed to yes. 1500lbs of yes in some cases. I also know there are bolt/mounting points for the trailer. I don't know about Clairity.

    Does the Clairity have mount points for a hitch?
  11. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I have never seen this listed in any official Honda material and have not seen it posted on this forum other than the Honda statement that doesn’t recommend towing. So who know? Certainly not the dealer!
    But since you are not towing and just want a bike and rack, I’d say have one fabricated for you. But it will be a little pricey and any permanent modifications run the risk of voiding your warranty in some cases. And you can through your aerodynamics out the window as well.
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  13. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Aerodynamics pffft.
    Most cars have mounts for hitch points. From first hand or examples of first hand experience does the Clarity have a mount points for a hitch?
    Does it look like a hitch should work?
  14. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    You’d have to have a knowledgeable hitch and trailer shop who is willing to fabricate (as opposed to just installing a box of parts from a mfg made for a particular model) a custom mount to take the undercladding off and see.
    My go to hitch shop was very leary of trying this due to liability issues. As in Honda says no towing and they can’t guarantee what class of hitch it would be and what safety sticker/imprint to put on it. I know you just want to put a bike on it, but my guys are concerned that if it was ever used to tow, they could be made liable for the inevitable fiasco. Unfortunately, I think your chances may be slim and none. Let us know if you find a way to do this.
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  15. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Not helpful. :(
    The ability to tow or put a trailer hitch on in this particular scenario is based on mount points existing (those bolt on places, the bumper skirt size), someone in the know might also point out the frame type which at the small weights here might be a factor.
  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful in your quest. I hope you do find a way to do this. I was just pointing out some of the impediments you’re going to run into and have to solve. Also, the frame on our Clarities is a novel design so you won’t be able to use information on any other model’s frame to go by. Unfortunately until some hitch mfg takes the plunge and comes out with a bolt on application specific to our Claritiys, I’m afraid you have an arduous task in front of you. I don’t see how anything other than a custom fabrication is going to work at this early point in the Clarity line.
    Best wishes for success and let us all know how you get it to work.
  17. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I very seriously doubt that adding a third party trailer hitch is going to affect drag enough to measure.

    Now, carrying the bicycle and its rack on a trailer hitch will certainly increase drag enough to cut down on range at least a bit. I'd be interested to know just how much, but as a wild guess I'll guess not more than 15-20%. Bjørn Nyland reports that towing a smallish mid-sized trailer reduces the Model X's* highway range by 50%, and carrying a bicycle or two on a rack should create far less drag than that!

    *Yes, I know the Honda Clarity PHEV isn't the Tesla Model X, but I doubt things are that much different.
  18. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    I think the hitch idea may be the way to go. I was thinking of using my Yakima roof racks, but with that aluminum roof, I’m worried about damage. Seems like it could bend/dent very easily.
  19. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    There are different solutions, including even temporary strap-on bike racks for the rear of a car. But I'd be worried about damage from that, too. Too much rubbing might mar the finish.

    If it was me, I'd definitely look for a 3rd party tow hitch as the mounting point for a bike rack.

    However, for anyone interested, here's a photo of one type of strap-on:


    Those interested in seeing more photos should Google [strap on bicycle rack hatchback] and choose the "images" option.
  20. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    I had the bones rack for a civic sedan. Mounted racks like that can shift a bit while driving, mine did on my sedan. Not good for the paint and I would never put one on my car again. They are also inconvenient.
    I agree the roof and hitch mounts are the best.
    So far I have verbal confirmation on the hitch mount points being there. Almost all cars have them now but seeing is believing.
    There is no 3rd part or Honda hitch out yet. There may be one out there that fits it but no one is saying they fit the Clarity.
  21. ilun

    ilun New Member

    If you're looking to just carry a road bike, I know some roadies that are pretty happy with the Seasuckers and they work on any vehicle
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  22. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    They don't have anything yet, but is my go-to site for hitches and racks. I've gotten a few hitches for my cars and they have very good prices and thorough installation instructions and videos. Hopefully Curt or Draw-Tite come up with a solution soon.

    I take back my earlier statement that I would consider putting my Yakima Q towers on this car. I really don't want to torque the aluminum roof in any way. This is a nice looking car and I don't want to ruin it.
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  23. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    The whole roof including the door frames?
    The didn't think the door frames would flex then again thanks for posting, one more thing to be cautious of.

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