Clarity A/C problem (and warranty extension on pg 10)

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Benoit Paquette, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim New Member

    Hey I have the same issue as you. My condenser was replaced about 8 months ago and A/C stopped blowing cold air about a couple months ago maybe longer. Going back in for a service appointment tomorrow to check it out. What was the outcome of your appointment? Was it the evaporator?
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Last week I received the second warranty replacement condenser for my November, 2017-purchased Clarity. My dealer's service rep told me the condenser they replaced in 2019 was obviously defective (no stone damage).

    Because we use our MINI Electric for local travel, we have just 15K miles on our Clarity. The Clarity has received a new 12V battery and two AC condensers in 5.5 years.

    Our 2021 MINI avatar photo has replaced our Clarity showroom photo based on the MINI passing the Clarity's odo mileage. I wish Honda would bring the Insight back as a small, all-electric car, but the evidence of the Honda e not coming to NA makes that a faint hope. The GM-built Honda Prologue crossover seems like the second coming of the Honduzu to me. It's sad how Honda squandered their early lead in electrified vehicles.
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  4. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim New Member

    2 condensers over 15K miles?! Thats unacceptable terrible manufacturing from Honda.
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  5. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    Seems to be luck of the draw. Many are bad, some must be ok. I've got 46k miles on my 2018 and haven't yet had a problem with the A/C (knock on wood). Living in Alabama, I probably use A/C more than most Clarity owners.
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  6. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim New Member

    So service advisor informed me that the technician found the condenser leaking again so will be replaced at no charge under the extended warranty. Glad I don't have to pay for this, but such a hassle dealing with this again in less than a year after it was replaced for the exact same reason. Looks like the replacements are bad too. I don't look forward to this being a yearly occurrence. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with this. Never had an issue with the AC system on any vehicle I've driven for the past 20 years, with almost all being Honda. Looks like certain gen Civics also suffer from this problem.
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  8. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    Knock knock knock knock on wood. Same year. '18 and 35K. no issue with AC
  9. Douglas Wester

    Douglas Wester New Member

    2019 Clarity 24,000_miles. Car is on its third condenser
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  10. Douglas Wester

    Douglas Wester New Member

    Just had third condenser installed on 2019 with 24,000 miles. Its the only trouble we've had with the Clarity
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  11. Lonewarrior

    Lonewarrior New Member

    It's my turn now. I have a 2018 model with 65000 mile and found out the AC stopped working yesterday. I'm sending it to the dealership on Monday.
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  13. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    My AC died the first time last summer. I was driving near Phoenix at 120F so it really sucked. Despite printing the service bulletin, my dealer (who is terrible) just recharged the system with no repair. I called to make an appointment next week to try and get them to really repair it this time. Despite the service bulletin which they claim to be unaware of and an active extended HondaCare warranty they quoted me $459 for diagnosis.

    I opted for the HondaCare with 120K miles, no deductable, or 8 years (the longest I could) because I knew my dealer would argue each thing at every turn. Hopefully I'll get it fixed this go-round.
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  14. Dirty condenser fins on the passenger side this time, looks like Clarity condenser #2 coming up. Stay tuned...

    On a related note, I'm delighted to see how well the new screen I bought & put in (shortly after the previous condenser replacement) protected the delicate condenser fins and tubes behind it.
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  15. Lonewarrior

    Lonewarrior New Member

    It was the condenser leaking so it got replaced under the 10-year warranty.
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  16. Successful replacement! IMG_20230523_110754864_HDR.jpg
  17. I noticed in both cases my repair work order (May 12th 2021, today May 23rd 2023) shows installed part number with the suffix of A02, which if I call correctly was supposed to be the later model number. I hope that doesn't mean this later model number is full of condenser duds also...
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  18. Danks

    Danks Active Member

    I just took my turn with my 2019 Base Trim Clarity. No AC. PSI 3.6 or so at 60 F. Took it for its first trip to the dealer. I had a printout of the extended warranty with me and email from American Honda that my VIN was one of the potential vehicles. I've never been treated so well at any dealership I've ever gone to. They charged the system so they could find the leak, determined it was the condenser corrosion issue and covered under the extended warranty. They had to order the part which came in the next day. All it cost me was fuel for the Honda Ridgeline loaner vehicle. (Nice truck BTW).
  19. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    Not all dealers are the same. Another example hopefully compete later today.

    I presume even if Honda pays for Warranty work its of course more red tape for the dealer, and they may get a specific dollar amount for the repair that they don't agree. Whatever the reasons, getting this warranty repair done with my Oregon dealer was like pulling teeth. I printed out the service bulletin and brought it with me last year. They claimed to recharge my freon without fees but charged me $300 for a standard maintenance visit. They cleverly marked the freon re-charge 0$. The $300 was all for other stuff.

    So this time when my AC failed, I made a point to only ask for AC repair and nothing more. i.e. if they do the freon recharge again instead of repair, they'll have to pay for it. They still quoted me $459 for their diagnosis time. I played their bluff and say go for it. I have to make two visits because despite bringing a printout of the service bulletin (again) they claimed to not know about it. Spent a day diagnosing, came back with yes we do need to replace condenser under VSC. They then ordered parts, wait a week and bring it back for another days work.

    I've had to call repeatedly to move all of this along, and its taken more than 1 year to get this fix. Good news, today is that day. They replaced the condenser and I'm going to pickup the car this afternoon. Crossing fingers they fixed it.

  20. Would this be Kendall Honda in Eugene?

    Have you escalated your experience with the dealership to American Honda?
  21. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Well-Known Member

    Yes, Kendall Eugene. I did not escalate with Honda America but I've given them lowest marks possible on the surveys (which they deserve). No one from Honda communicated with me even after giving detailed and horrific feedback, like catching them in direct lies repeatedly.

    Had terrible experiences with them with my last car (new Subaru Outback purchased in 2002). Kendall bought most of the competing dealerships in the area (I think they own at least 5). And you cannot buy a new Honda in Eugene from anyone but Kendall. So it's not super-easy to get away from them if you live here. Although my past two new cars (only ones I've had, both Kendall) have taught me its worth traveling to another city to find a reasonable dealer.

    After a lot of work on my part, they did get the AC condenser replaced today.
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  22. It isn’t unusual for a dealer to be reimbursed at a lower hourly rate for warranty work than the rate they charge a customer for non warranty work. Additionally, there is no opportunity for profit from selling parts that are covered under warranty.

    Warranty work is a disruption to the profit center, and car dealers are almost exclusively scumbags. They should just perform warranty work without inconveniencing the customer, but if they were nice, honest folks, they probably wouldn’t be car dealers.
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  23. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    To chime in as well:

    2018 clarity PHEV, ac worked fine until summer 2022, when condenser was replaced twice (under warranty, thanks to this forum). Over winter became suspicious that it was losing cooling/dehumidifier power. Definitely the case now, so sending back to dealer tomorrow.

    I had assumed that it would be impossible for *two* replacement condensers to fail, but from the above seems like that does in fact happen. We’ll see. I’ll post a followup once I have a diagnosis.

    Thanks also to this forum, I can see that refrigerant pressure is 24 psi at temp 68-77 which is far too low. Nice to be able to check these things.

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