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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Fast Eddie B, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Has anyone had wear anything like this?


    About 35,000 miles and a year and a half on our 2018. Never cleaned with anything caustic or abrasive, mostly with a microfiber cloth.

    Doesn’t look nearly as bad in use, but still visible, depending on screen display and ambient lighting:



    We have an appointment tomorrow morning with AutoNation Honda near Knoxville. We want to document the problem while still under warranty.

    Has anyone seen wear like this? And has anyone made a claim with a Honda for warranty coverage and what was the result?
  2. JFon101231

    JFon101231 Member

    Wow. About same time and miles here. Nothing visible at all. Do you wear gloves or often have sandy/gritty hands?
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  3. No to gloves or sandy/gritty hands.

    For perspective, the only other car we have with a screen like that is a 2011 Ford Flex with about triple the mileage, and the same drivers and pattern of use & cleaning. And virtually no wear.

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  4. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Member

    I mean, it looks like there is a protective film on there based on the wear and lack of reflection. Any chance?
  5. We had that thought.

    We see an “edge”, but can’t easily get a fingernail under it.

    Does this look like yours?

  6. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Member

    Here is ours. The bezel is inset to the overall frame. IMG_1348.JPG No coating to remove. Wasn’t cleaned with anything caustic? Maybe the dealership cleaned it with something.
  7. Have you tried any of the moist towelettes designed specifically for cleaning computer screens?
  8. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    No. That’s insane. Hand sanitizers or hand lotion maybe? Mine is same age and mileage and looks like new
  9. Well, looks like that “edge” is normal. No to hand lotion. Yes to occasional sanitizer, but only recently post Covid-19, and the wear was obvious prior.
  10. JFon101231

    JFon101231 Member

    Sems like a defect. Let us know what they say
  11. Dealer documented my claim, but was pessimistic about Honda covering it.

    Now, in the interest of full disclosure...

    Over the years, I've found a triad of cleaners that work well on plexiglas and all sorts of plastic and glass screens. I've used them on aircraft windshields, windows and canopies; motorcycle windshields, helmet visors, and computer monitors, iPhone and iPads, all with good results and no apparent ill effects over literally decades of use. The triad consists of Pledge, TurtleWax Ice Detailer and TurtleWax Carnauba spray wax. On the car's screens it's just a very fine spray applied and then wiped gently off. But maybe, just maybe, there's something peculiar about car screens that they don't play well with. I say screens, plural, because we drove the Flex today and it does seem to have some similar wear:


    Oh, well - live and learn. I have a Fast Eddie Scale of Human Tragedy that runs from 1-10, and a worn screen due to my own negligence barely moves that needle. So it goes.

    Now, if the claim is denied, can anyone suggest a screen protector that's worked well for them? Better late than never and it may at least partially conceal the existing wear.
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  12. 60Hertz

    60Hertz New Member

    Maybe some weird combination of the touch screen material, the cleaning products used, and natural skin oils? I only ever wipe mine with a slightly damp microfiber. Still looks like new. Same for my 2011 Fusion, which should be similar to your Flex touch screen, and has a few more years of use.
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  13. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Member

    Putting a screen protector on top may be a good option as you mentioned. It would cover up the imperfections. I’ve used that on the past on scratched iPhone screens. Worked well.
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  14. rodeknyt

    rodeknyt Active Member

    Your picture shows a screen protector. The stock screen doesn't have anything that sits above the bezel.
  15. Evfred

    Evfred Member

    Just a hypothetical, but could it be the wearing off of wax on frequent touch points (ie. the wax is over the entire screen, but wore off where you use the screen the most). It might hurt more than help but maybe a wax stripper could fix this?
  16. Again, we considered that, but that “edge” is still just below the bezel, so I don’t think so.
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  17. Good point. I might get more aggressive once the claim is officially denied.
  18. Elaborating on the above...

    Wax buildup actually makes a lot of sense. Where the screen is “worn” there appear s to be a solid, glossy surface below. I’ve never known Pledge or the detailer referenced above to build up, but maybe the occasional spray wax did?

    Suggestions for what might be safe to test for wax removal? I’m thinking maybe isopropyl alcohol.
  19. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    I generally just use the inside of my tshirt, my fingernail to scrape a chunk if needed, and maybe a glob if spit if something needs to be dissolved...this is my “cleaning” routine on all my screens...

    Keeps the Covid paranoid from borrowing my phone too, which is nice.

    And to be disgustingly blunt, I’m actually not kidding all that much. Chemicals not needed to clean screens. The more conventional among you can use a rag dampened with water. And since this is an EV forum I’ll point out that dampened towels are better for the environment too when compared to buying bottles of poison to clean...
  20. A 50/50 vinegar and water mix with a drop or two of a mild dish washing liquid in a spray bottle.

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