Chipped paint cleaning my car [emoji30]

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by bulls96, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    So this happened. I have been cleaning my car with a pressure washer and soap at least 5 times now.

    Today I was trying to get a small dot dirt on the car and then caused this..

    Whta do I do?

    I was using a tip specially for delicate items like cars (like it says in the instructions use for cars)

    I'm super bummed.

    Help? Will tesla fix this? This is not supposed to happen washing the car. 20190405_202403.jpg 20190405_202411.jpg

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  2. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    1. I wouldn't use a pressure washer to clean a new car as it gives them an excuse to not to cover the paint issue.
    2. I would take the car to a body shop and have them confirm this is an issue with the manufacture's paint application and not your pressure washer.
    3. If the body shop says it's a paint issue, then Tesla should cover the repair.
  3. bulls96

    bulls96 Member

    Will they take the word of any body shop?

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  4. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    I don't know the answer to that, but it's what I would do. Plus, the body shop should be able to tell you what is likely causing this to happen.
  5. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    Holding the power washer too close to your car can damage the paint, but some of the blame here is the result of poor prep of the surface that caused the paint not too adhere properly.

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