Chevy Silverado full reveal and details

Discussion in 'Silverado EV' started by Domenick, Jan 5, 2022.

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  1. Chevrolet took the wraps of the all-electric Silverado today and there's now a ton of info about it available. Let's start with a video of the reveal.

    Motor1 got to see it a few days ago and shot this video with the chief engineer. It's nice because they point out some details we don't get in the official video.

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  3. To sum up the highlights:
    • Two trims so far Work Truck (commercial) and RST
    • Up to 400 miles of range
    • Fast charge speeds up to 350 kW
    • 10,000 lbs hauling (with 20,000 lbs coming)
    • Configurable pass-through cab can extend load length to almost 11 feet with optional special tailgate
    Here's Chevrolet's statement on timing, trims, and pricing:
    In spring 2023, the Silverado EV will debut a WT model offering GM’s longest range battery with an expected GM-estimated range of over 400 miles on a full charge.
    In fall 2023, a fully loaded RST First Edition model, also delivering a 400-mile range, will debut with an MSRP of $105,000 + DFC. After production ramps up, Chevrolet will unleash the full Silverado EV portfolio, including WT (with a starting at MSRP of $39,900 + DFC), RST, Trail Boss and more.
    Customers will have the ability to content the truck across various price ranges, with MSRPs around $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, $80,000 and more, allowing them to choose the truck that meets their capability and pricing needs.

    Reservations are open now ($100). Let us know if you've gotten yourself a place in line.
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  4. protomech

    protomech New Member

    Wife and I now have day 1 reservations for both the Cybertruck and Silverado; we'll decide which route to go once we have more information. It's > 2 years since CT was revealed. Hummer and Rivian have shipped in at least small numbers, F150 Lightning will surely ship before Cybertruck. Perhaps Cybertruck and Silverado will race for fourth.

    Sent a set of questions to the local sales manager
    1. Does the Silverado EV support Plug & Charge?
    2. Is the Work Truck available to individual consumers, or only to fleet buyers?
    3. The livestream mentioned a smaller battery configuration. Do we know what range that configuration offers or what the charging speed (kW or peak miles per 10 minutes) would be?
    4. Has it been announced when the full pricing and options will be made available to reservation holders, or when new information will be available?
    5. The payload for the Silverado is a little disappointing. Is it 1300 lbs for all configurations? Why so low?
    6. Will the Silverado support gooseneck trailer hitches? (probably not worthwhile given low payload capacity but)
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  5. West1

    West1 Member

    Typically the WT models are the absolute base. Vinyl seats, rubber floors, plastic unpainted trim, steel rims, base radio. So I would be curious to learn about the actual details.

    I'd like to see a true all wheel drive EV with four motors that could offer superior traction and stability control in ice, snow, mud, hills.
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  6. I like it, from what I have learned so far. That Chevy Avalanche style complete with the mid gate would make it very versatile.
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  8. This is the type of system Rivian offers and what the Tesla Cybertruck was recently revised to.
  9. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    Grew up a Chevy kid, friend and I restored a couple of Camaro's back in the day, a 67 and a 69, had a blast doing both, then later on I bought a 70 Chevelle Elcamino, loved that half truck/car, GMC 2500, Cadillac Sedan Deville, Olds Cutlass, then wound up a dealer tech for Ford back in the mid 90's and been driving Fords ever since, too numerous to mention including my current F 150.

    That midgate on the Silverado has me leaning back towards Chevy again. Considering the bed length on the others makes them kind of impractical for my needs. I put a deposit down on the Silverado to get in line.

    Still have the Lightning in mind, never gave the CT a second thought, couldn't get past the first look :eek: and Rivian burned my arse with that bait and switch crap. So it's a race to my driveway, will there be another blue oval there or a fresh new bowtie? Time will tell. :cool:
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  10. Yes, I had an Avalanche, and it was very versatile truck. I like this new Silverado EV. If I was buying a truck, this would be my first pick.
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  13. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    I had a deposit on the Cheby but got it back after seeing the new Ram ev. LOL might even entertain a CT. o_O.

    No deposit on the angular menace at this point in time.
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  14. The 40K truck isn't going to be the 450 Mile version, the 40K truck is going to use the smaller battery pack, but it's still going to have more range than Ford's offerings.
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  15. Yes, that's right. But even the smaller battery pack giving 350 miles is pretty darn good.

    I have a pre-order deposit I put in last year at our local dealer shortly after it was revealed. I was #200 on their list at that time. When I checked again last fall, I moved up to #92. So maybe a year from now I might be a lot closer. It is a big dealer, largest volume in BC I think, so should be getting a decent allocation. I want the fully decked out version. It will be over the luxury tax threshold, I'm sure, so that might hurt a bit. And no rebates.

    I had a Chevy Avalanche for 14 years, and loved it, very versatile vehicle. This EV is the closest thing to it. Actually should have called it Avalanche instead of Silverado.
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  16. AvalanchE:)

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