Chevy Bolt tapering under optimal conditions at a 100 amp DCFC station

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by evpleb, May 18, 2019.

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  1. evpleb

    evpleb New Member

    If you're interested in learning how and at what percent charge a Bolt tapers during a fast charge, or how much time it would take to get there (ballpark, because my timings are based on optimal conditions), this video I made with the help of some kind data collectors is a good entry point to understanding.
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  3. evpleb

    evpleb New Member

    Here's the same thing, but at 125 Amps, which will have the same tapering graph shape as 150 Amps (aside from the initially higher power of up to potentially 55kW, the Bolt's max):
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  4. ElectricNed

    ElectricNed New Member

    Thanks, this is really helpful information. I don't have a Bolt (yet), but am strongly considering one soon and would have some long drives to make if I did.
  5. evpleb

    evpleb New Member

    No problem! There's actually another speed level higher (55 kW) that I posted in a different thread. You can find it here. That's the highest power at which the current model year Bolts will charge.
  6. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    How do these charging profiles change under sub-optimal conditions?
    Like when it's really cold outside? Below freezing ...

    If we get a Bolt, reduced winter range will necessitate a mid-trip DC charge.
    But hopefully that wouldn't be necessary unless the temps are much below freezing.
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  8. evpleb

    evpleb New Member

    The current the Bolt will accept is definitely effected. Whether or not the percentages where the tapers occur are effected, I do not know for sure. But with lower ambient and battery pack temperatures, you are going to see less current coming into the battery. There's some useful data on this over at the forum. Check out some of the posts from user Vertiformed. Pretty insightful.
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