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Discussion in 'Honda' started by SDclaritydriver, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. SDclaritydriver

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    newbie here. Had my ChargePoint home installed yesterday. Set my Honda link app for scheduled 220v charging at midnight. Set the ChargePoint app to start charging at midnight.

    At midnight I received a message from the ChargePoint app that it was not plugged in.

    I went to the car, pulled the plug out and put it back into the car. The green light started to blink and then stopped. I looked at the Honda app and strangely there was no reading for the battery. It only showed how many miles were left on the gas engine. The “start” charging button was grayed out.

    After trying several different things the car eventually started to charge after I deleted the Honda app and reinstalled it. Only after reinstall did it show the battery energy level and the start charging button was selectable.

    Question for the group: how should I set up scheduled charging? Set both the Honda link and ChargePoint app to start charging at the same time? Seems to me that if I set the ChargePoint to start at a certain time it will not start until the Honda app allows it to.

    Any tips/recommendations appreciated.
  2. V8Power

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    Only have your ChargePoint manage charging time.
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  3. Raymondca

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    Agreed. Since your home charger already supports scheduling, you don't need to set your car. So when you're outside, your car is always in charge mode if you plug it in. You don't have to worry about forgetting to press your remote to force it charging at a scheduled off time.

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