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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by OldFart1775, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Sorry for the newbie questions - if there's a dedicated thread for them I can delete this - but when sitting at a fast charger or any other charger, is it alright or possible to leave the car on? I live in a relatively warm part of the US (southern CA) and figured that when I do eventually use a fast charger, it would be nice to be able to just relax in the car with the AC running.

  2. You can definitely charge and leave the car on. I just did that on my last road trip.

    However there was some reports of some people where it seemed like it didn't cool the high voltage battery.

    It definitely did in my case, though.
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    I recently did that but I did not have the AC on and my Battery Thermal Management did NOT come on when the car was on.. The "correct" way to do what you want to do is to start the charge and then use your bluelink app to start the AC. This will start the AC without turning the car "on"
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    Thanks for the info.
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    I needed to make a trip to the city next week - I was trying to decide whether to waste a few hours sitting at Hyundai to get this done. I think I will wait for the next trip, and hopefully some of this will be clearer by then.
  6. Noting that in less-stifling times of year you can leave the car 'on' as you wish while charging for your comfort. For some reason many chargers tell you to turn the car off but I think that's just to release them from liability. I think we are just learning about how a hot battery is or isn't cooled and more community experience and input is required.
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    I will probably try the same 50kw charger again where I had the problems when charging with the car on.. This time, I will shut off the car and keep the OBD2 reader connected and will record energy received, SoC and all 4 battery temperature readings from each of the 4 modules. I want to make sure that Thermal Management will come on when the battery gets above 100 degrees...
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  8. That makes sense, the 100 degrees part shouldn't be an issue in your neck of the woods.:)
  9. BlueKonaEV

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    Thermal management was running during the entire session today.. The first charger shut off again after a while but thermal management was on.. Tried the charger beside the one that gave me problems and the 2nd one worked perfect for the rest of the session.. Dash and charger showed about 2.5kw higher than Torque Pro, so I assume that the Thermal management pulled 2.5kw. Intake air temperature went as cool as 64 degrees.. Outside temperature was 92F (33 C)
    I loaded the data into Excel and made a chart.. It's not a smooth chart due to Thermal management kicking on shortly after starting the session..
    Actual power was 2.5kw more. Peak was close to 49kw while the chart shows 46kw

    Here is the interesting part of the charging session.. The drop from 45 kw to around 35kw and then to 24kw..

    76 45.74
    76 34.04
    76 32.87
    76 32.78
    76.5 33.21
    76.5 33.37
    76.5 33.69
    76.5 33.69
    76.5 33.93
    76.5 34.01
    76.5 34.34
    77 34.3
    77 34.78
    77 34.95
    77 35.24
    77 35.12
    77 35.6
    77.5 35.69
    77.5 35.94
    77.5 35.99
    77.5 35.63
    77.5 35.72
    77.5 35.89
    78 35.57
    78 36.18
    78 35.74
    78 32.59
    78 24.19
    78 23.78
    78 23.7
    78.5 24.05
    78.5 24.21
    78.5 23.81
    78.5 24.12
    78.5 23.77
    78.5 23.81
    78.5 24.08
    78.5 24.04
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