Charging the Mustang Mach-E

Discussion in 'Mustang Mach-E' started by Domenick, Dec 21, 2020.

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  1. The first Ford Mustang Mach-E should begin to be received by some customers any day now. I've you've never owned an electric vehicle before, your first questions may be about charging it up at home. This video addresses that.

    @Tom Moloughney shows what happens when you use the mobile charger that comes with the car on 100 V and 220 V outlets, as well as some typical home charging wall units. He also tests the car with six popular units to make sure they are perfectly compatible.

    Well worth the 15 minutes!

    Tom has just made this new complete charging guide for the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This covers charging at home and on the road. Like the first video, it's a must-watch for new owners.
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  3. Complements to Tom for doing a great job explaining the various charging scenarios, and was also direct and to the point wasting little time.
    I am impressed Ford includes a 32 A capable mobile unit with the Mach-E , a practice I hope will be more common among all EV manufactures.
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  4. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    It will become common because it has to. Owners will also need to become used to ONLY charging during off peak hours.

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  5. My 2019 Nissan Leaf came with one (100V and 240V options) and it's been very helpful. It essentially saved me several hundred dollars because I don't need a separate EVSE for home.
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  6. CharlieMyBoy

    CharlieMyBoy New Member

    Nice Summary
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    Newbie Questions Please:

    I have an old AC 220 volt Level 2 Commercial Charging System from my old 2011 Nissan Leaf from ECOtality / Blink Model PN-30.
    1. Can anyone comment if this Blink Charger will work with my ordered Ford Mustang EV?
    2. Can the Ford Mustang charge at the Tesla Roadside Chargers?
    3. What compatibility, if any, will my Ford Mustang EV have with the Tesla Charging Network?

    Thank you,
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  9. Tesla charging only at destination chargers with the right adaptor. The J1772 Level 2 EVSE you have should work just fine.
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    Thank you @electriceddy I did watch the video, it is excellent, and it answers most of my questions.
    This newbie is still wondering about the Tesla Fast Charging Network and if it can be used my the Ford Mustang EV and if anyone, other than me, has an old Blink charger and how it is still working for them. Maybe it is end of life and needs to be replaced, TBD.

    My Mustang EV is ordered but I still do not have a production date. Wondering if it will be here by May.....

    Thank you,
  11. I noticed the video had been posted after I made my post #7, so I changed it. ;)
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  13. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    The Tesla fast charging network is only available to Tesla vehicles at this time.
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  14. FISHEV

    FISHEV Member

    1. The blink charger should work. 30A/220V correct?
    2. MachE can't use Tesla fast DC chargers.
    3. Zero compatibility with Tesla charging network.

    You will have Electrify America, EVgo and other fast (50kW and up) chargers that you can use. All the new fast 150kW chargers going in all have CCS1 plugs which is what the MachE has.[/QUOTE]
  15. Herbknowsit

    Herbknowsit New Member

    As a brand new member of the EV world I found this video to be excellent and hopefully still totally current with today.Thinking it is.
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  16. Note that the Mustang Mach e and the F150 lightning can now charge a Tesla sights with an adapter. The adapters are free to Mach E and Lightning owners from ford through ford website or pass app until June, after that they will cost $200.

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